SRI General Dumitru Dumbravă, hallucinatory dialogue at the police station: “I came by bus… We are waiting for El Chapo to be questioned”

SRI General Dumitru Dumbravă also signed the judicial review on Monday and shocked the journalists present with his ironies.

Dumitru Dumbravă PHOTO: Q Magazine

“At the moment, I am not engaged in any activity. They say that I destroyed Romania. Until proven otherwise, we have destroyed Romania. Let’s see what the court says“, declared Dumitru Dumbravă on Monday, ready to sign the judicial review.

He declared that he no longer spoke to Florian Coldea: “Judicial control has this prohibition”.

“I can handle. Despite the concerns of some fellows, I’m really doing well. I’m waiting for a show on Realitatea, in a studio, which will establish how much is legally earned in Romania”, said Dumbravă, writes

“I came by bus. I have time off as a pensioner. I have an acceptable and sufficient pension”, Dumitru Dumbravă also said.

Regarding the business in Albania, asked if he signed contracts with those there, Dumbravă said: “I neither confirm nor deny, we have seen that the drug case is explosive, we are waiting for El Chapo to be heard”.

A week ago, Dumbravă declared that he does not have a villa, he even lives in a studio apartment.

What if I have a villa now? I don’t have one, I live in the same studio so the good people don’t come to my door. Let the maids come, master Cristoiu said. I say that the dimension of corruption in the judiciary is limited, it is not at a large level, every forest has its dry areas. All the names that I know of have been sent to the competent prosecution units and I believe there have been convictions as well”said Dumitru Dumbravă in a video posted by protester Marian Ceaușescu.