Behind-the-scenes games for joint PSD-PNL candidacies in the USR-run town halls

PSD and PNL are discussing behind closed doors the possibility of supporting common candidates in some cities, where currently USR mayors are, but even in this scenario there is still no guarantee of victories in some localities.

Coalition parties begin their election strategy PHOTO Inquam Photos / Octaav Ganea

Sources from the PNL and the PSD stated for “Adevărul” that at the leadership level, an agreement between the parties is aimed at one of them not to establish a candidate, in case the one of the Coalition colleague has a chance of sending home the USR mayor from -a certain city. In Brașov, George Scripcaru would have the first chance if the PSD does not come up with a candidate, in an attempt to remove Allen Coliban from the position of mayor. On the other hand, if the PSD gets its man, the social democrat would break enough votes for the liberal to lose to Coliban.

And in District 1, a common candidate would succeed in defeating Armand. It is not certain, however, whether the liberals will go with the current announced candidate, George Tuță, or they could come up with another name, i.e. Sebastian Burduja, currently head of PNL Bucharest, but for several years president of Sector 1. In Sector 2, the balance leans towards the social democrats, who would like to put up a candidate.

Calculations for the Capital City Hall

At the Capital City Hall, the games are complicated. For the moment, the PNL version is Sebastian Burduja, while in the PSD, Gabriela Firea assumed her candidacy, but without having been given an acceptance by Marcel Ciolacu.

Because of this, there is also a smoldering conflict between the two PSD leaders. From the evaluations so far, Firea may have more chances in a three-way competition, with Burduja, Nicușor Dan and her, compared to one where only she and the current mayor are the main candidates.

However, the current mayor, Nicușor Dan, managed to gather around him a right-wing alliance. USR, PMP and Forța Dreptei announced the formation of the United Right alliance and the support of the mayor for a new mandate at the Capital City Hall. The largest party of the alliance, USR, however, is facing a series of internal scandals.

The stakes of Piedone's warning

The race for the seat of mayor of the Capital is also threatened by the mayor of Sector 5, Cristian Popescu Piedone. “I am asking the power alliance to stop flaunting its pride in public and quickly announce its candidate for the Capital! Otherwise, I publicly announce that I am putting my 30 years of experience in public administration at the service of the citizens who want me to be mayor of the Capital“, Piedone wrote on Facebook.

If you can't, I can.” he also sent Piedone to the parties at the head of the Government, drawing their attention to the fact that the interests of the citizens must be put first. “If your pride is above the interests of the citizens, close the shutters, close the parties and leave Bucharest to those willing to work for its development! If public positions are more important to you than people, get out of politics urgently and definitively! If you are confident that the citizen likes the political circus and expects empty promises every day, it means that you do not understand the present! If you don't understand people, you can't work for them! I'm not perfect, I don't give advice, but I'm free to have opinions and especially free to make decisions”Piedone also wrote.

According to “Adevărul” sources, the move made by the mayor is intended to draw the attention of the PSD leadership to PUSL's support for Gabriela Firea. The formation announced a decision in this sense even during the scandal regarding the conditions in the horror asylums, which led to the loss of the minister's mandate of the former mayor's office.

Key cities, complicated situations

However, there are also areas with complicated situations for the coalition, where, even with a common candidate, PSD and PNL could not overtake USR. One of these situations is at Timișoara City Hall, where Dominic Fritz could obtain a new mandate as mayor. The situation is all the more difficult since the PSD has decided to enter the fight for the CJ to take over the leadership at the county level again, being a rather bad relationship with the liberal Alin Nica, the current leader.

On the other hand, in Bacău, where the mayor is Lucian Stanciu-Viziteu, both the PSD-ists and the liberals want to reach the helm of the institution. According to sociological data, Viziteu has little chance of being re-elected, as there is no need for a common candidate at all. “Some have said that they are negotiating with the PNL. What to negotiate, that he is at 12% now”stated a leader from the Coalition for “Truth”.

On the other hand, in Câmpulung Muscel, where the mayor is Elena Lasconi, the PNL would like support for its candidate, so that it has a chance to replace the former USR list opening from the European Parliament.