Edward Iordănescu, mystery solved: why he refuses to extend the contract with the federation

The Romanian national team found out, on Thursday, their group in League C of the Nations, the matches to be played in September, October and November this year. Edward Iordănescu was absent from the draw in Paris.

Edward Jordanescu

Officially, he did not travel to France, being in recovery from the flu. Unofficially, he was not going to go to this event anyway, because the 2024-2025 edition of the Nations League is a competition that will take place after the coach's current contract ends. Edward Iordănescu will be free after Euro 2024. And, for now, he has not signed the extension of the agreement with the federation, although the officials from “The House of Football“They want him to be the national team coach, not only during the Nations League, but especially in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

But why does Iordănescu hesitate to say “yes”? For several reasons. First of all, he is aware that he now enjoys the trust of the FRF and that of the public, on the background of the en-fanfare qualification for Euro 2024. The situation can change radically, however, if Romania disappoints at the final tournament in Germany. Especially since this impression was created that our group, with Belgium, Slovakia and a team from the play-offs, forces us to reach the eighth. I mean, a difficult mission, especially when we see the current situation of some national team players.

Euro 2024 program jpg

Then, Iordănescu can take advantage of his good share at the moment to sign a money contract in the Arab area, after Euro 2024. This would be another reason why he is not in a hurry to sign the extension with FRF.

Last but not least, certainly, Edward Iordănescu is also aware that, after the great success of qualifying for Euro 2024, it will be very difficult for the series of good results to have continuity in the WC 2026 preliminaries. Especially since at the World Cup in Mexico, the USA and Canada, only the winners of the 12 preliminary groups will qualify directly. At Euro 2024, the 2nd place was also guaranteed to attend the final tournament.

Therefore, the selector also thinks about the fact that a possible departure from the national team, after Euro 2024, would be for his own good. Because it would occur after a final tournament appearance. Iordănescu would prefer such a scenario, instead of one that could mean a separation after a possible failure to qualify for the 2026 WC.