Blockade of the Coalition regarding the merging of the elections. New round of talks, Friday. What was the bone of contention

The PNL and PSD leaders did not even manage to decide on the electoral calendar from 2024 on Monday, by establishing joint elections, the big problem being related to the request of the social democrats to support Marcel Ciolacu in the presidential race, according to “Adevărul” information.

PSD and PNL did not agree on the issue of combining the elections PHOTO Inquam Photos

Even before the round of discussions on Monday afternoon, the liberals entered the negotiations with skepticism, given that the PSD showed that it was serious when it said that it wanted the presidential support of its candidate, in exchange for accepting the merging of the MEPs with the local . The liberals do not want to cede the candidacy to a person outside the formation under any circumstances, according to “Adevărul” information.

Moreover, in the PSD, the information was sent that the social democrats will be helped by the merger with a maximum increase of 2%, while the liberals would be raised by another 6 percent, by holding two rounds of elections. The social democrats also requested a head-to-tail election calendar, so that it is clear when the polls will be held each time.

There was no consensus even on the topic of supporting joint candidacies in cities with USR mayors or where they are independent, as in the case of Bucharest, although the premises were encouraging, at least for two or three localities in the country.

From the liberal camp, the opinion is that the way things look, the whole approach with merging could fail. The next round of talks is on Friday, when all the PNL and PSD leaders will be in the country.

Liberals, put in the meeting

Until then, the PNL meets in a meeting of the National Political Bureau, to present the result of the discussions and what it will do in the future on the subject of merging the elections, that is, if they are willing to make greater compromises.

Last week the leaders of the Coalition were much more confident about the merger, Mihai Tudose, PSD vice-president, speaking of over 90% chances.

“Unacceptable” for PNL not to have a presidential candidate

The Minister of Justice, Alina Gorghiu, stated that the PNL is not even thinking about the option in which the liberals do not enter the race with their own candidate for the next presidential elections and accept a social democrat.

Obviously we want to have our own candidate. PSD, since the time of Mr. Iliescu, has no longer had a president of Romania. It is clear that we want to have a new president again, after two mandates of President Iohannis. Of course, Nicolae Ciucă is now in the position of president of the PNL and has the first option in the presidential candidacy. It is unacceptable for the PNL to give up its candidacy for the presidency. I don't know what was discussed in the Coalition, I'm not a member, I'm telling you our decisions in the leadership forum of the party, which mandated this coalition“, stated Gorghiu, in an interview with DIGI24.