How much did it end up costing to renovate a two-room apartment. “Put us some pictures too so we don't stay stupid”

The real estate market went crazy in the big cities, and with it the prices of construction materials and labor. This is how some craftsmen ended up asking for the renovation of a two-room apartment no less than 25,000 euros, as much as a house costs in other cities.

Renovating an apartment takes thousands of euros out of the owner's pocket. PHOTO: Unsplash

A Bucharest resident who wants to renovate his two-room apartment inquired on the Internet how much a complete renovation, from scratch, would cost him. He addressed the Internet users on the Facebook group “Apartments for sale Bucharest” “Hello! Can you help me with an opinion? How much do you estimate the total renovation of a 2-room apartment in Bucharest would cost? Thank you!”he wrote.

10-15,000 maximum, if you limit yourself to medium-range materials, use parquet instead of tiles, etc. In an apartment of a communist block it is not worth investing with premium materials, all the value of a communist apartment will have”someone answered.

“Seriously? The renovation of a 5 square meter box costs almost 2,000 euros“, contradicted another.

“If you completely renovate and use, minimum 25,000 euros”, someone else chimed in.

Can you post some pictures so we don't get fooled? 25,000 is two rooms?”, a netizen expressed his doubt.

Sure! I'm curious how you evaluate the exposure and debris from the pictures. Do you still evaluate the sanitary, thermal and electrical installation, from the pictures? Workmanship also from the pictures, do you realize how much it cost?”asked the one who had stated that the price is at least 25,000 euros.

“Clearly some pictures would edify the luxury of 25,000 euros from a 2-room apartment! Anything is possible, you can put in 50,000 euros, it's even unlimited if you really want! A decent arrangement for two rooms would be somewhere around the maximum of 15,000 euros at current prices for Bucharest“, he was answered.

“What sense does it make to include furniture in the renovation cost? For furniture and household appliances, all prices are easy to see, there is no labor involved, everyone chooses the product according to their budget. Budget that you calculate yourself, sitting on the Internet and collecting public prices (furniture, appliances). People want to know what exactly renovation means, where the inexperienced don't know either the price of labor (so different) or what quantities of building materials are needed to get an idea of ​​the budget”, someone else intervened.

Costs between 7,500 and 30,000 euros

“15,000 euros, now I'm done! Medium range materials”a woman announced triumphantly. “And the labor?“, another asked in disbelief. “Entirely“, answered the first lady.

“It depends on what people you hire! I did it with a skilled colleague and it cost me very reasonably! Watch out for the tradesman, because they will burn you in terms of workmanship and materials. The works must be negotiated very well! If you are interested in electrical installation, heating, custom-made furniture at value-for-money prices, I can give you details!“, wrote another.

“A detached studio cost me about 7,500 euros, I would say that an extra room would increase the costs to 10,000 euros,” someone else wrote.

Unfurnished, minimum 10,000 – 12,000 euros upwards, depending on the materials: changed installations, woodwork, walls, windows, various finishes”, someone scored. “With my materials, only labor 7,000 euros, tiles, floor tiles, parquet, painted“, another one told him right.

“With the power plant and the electrical part – 20,000 euros, from scratch. Plus 10,000 furniture and appliances”was another opinion.

It depends on how you take it and what you want to do! It cost me over 10,000 euros,” someone else commented.

“Only the labor is 3,000 euros”, it was just one of countless messages.