Kelvin Kiptum's family, torn apart by grief: images show the scale of the tragedy

To the world of sport, Kelvin Kiptum (24) was an elite runner, the world record holder in the marathon, in pole position to break the 2-hour barrier in the premier event of athletics.

Kelvin Kiptum died at only 24 years old

For his family, however, Kelvin was the pillar of the house, the man who was going to change the standards of his parents' lives through his results and the earnings obtained from his sponsor Nike. His death, following a car accident, caused an indescribable tragedy. And it left an entire family without any material support. In fact, the runner's wife has already asked the government for help, saying that, left with two children, she has nothing to offer them, nor the strength to tell them that their father has perished.

In this context, the images arriving from Kenya reflect the scale of the tragedy of Kelvin Kiptum's death. The house where the former athlete's parents live was stormed by reporters from around the world. Unfortunately, the pain that hit the family is so great that Kelvin's father and wife could hardly speak to the press. The images below, which are going around the world, speak for themselves about what is happening, in these hours, in the village where Kelvin grew up: