Bucharest, cataloged by Wizz Air as the most romantic city in Europe: “Little Paris” offers city breaks and cheap pints of beer

Wizz Air has designated Bucharest as the most romantic city in Europe, perfect for a cheap Valentine's Day getaway. The airline has flights to this destination from the UK.

The old center of Bucharest can be particularly attractive for tourists. Photo by Shutterstock

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and this is the perfect time to plan a romantic trip, writes DailyStar. Wizz Air has recommended an affordable European city for tourists looking for a budget getaway that you may not have considered before – but it's guaranteed to offer great food, cheap drink and even a spa day for the price advantageous, writes the quoted source.

According to the publication, Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is often called the “Little Paris of the East” due to its French-inspired architecture that makes walking down the street very special – especially if you stop at the cafes for a wine or a coffee. A Wizz Air spokesperson said: “No need to worry: While Romania may seem modest as a romantic holiday destination, Bucharest offers much more than meets the eye.”

Visit the picturesque Suter Palace to admire the stunning architecture with your partner. Want to treat yourself to a spa day this Valentine's Day? You can't miss Bucharest's spas, the epitome of affordable luxury. Couples can visit Therme Spa.”

Therme, the second largest spa center in Europe

Therme Bucharest, in Romania, is the second largest spa in Europe and combines a water park, a beach and a luxury spa with hammams, saunas and treatments. The Hollywood Sauna lets you watch movies while you relax, and another room shows David Attenborough documentaries. There's also a bright pink sauna made of Himalayan salt, perfect for selfies and the salt's healing properties.

In addition to these, there are beds with infrared light, mineral pools, treatment rooms and a fountain from which water gushes through an enormous lily-shaped installation. In addition, there are nine pools, a beach and 16 water slides, all of which can be enjoyed from just £26 a day.

The old town is charming, with plenty of bars, restaurants and cafes to explore on a romantic break. The top rated attraction in Bucharest on Tripadvisor is the Stavropoleos Monastery, built in 1724. A tourist “Marjaanal” wrote on the review platform: “A really beautiful place. Small but beautiful. The church is small but amazing.”

Of course, you can't leave Bucharest without trying a local delicacy, such as stuffed cabbage rolls or Romanian sausages. In addition, pints are cheaper than in the UK, with one costing from £1.20, according to PintPrice. It's pretty incredible for a capital city. Hiker's Bay claims you can even buy a bottle of beer from the supermarket for just 76p.

In addition, you can find quite cheap accommodation. On booking.com you can get an entire lake view studio for just £42 a night between two people – that's just £21 a night. Meanwhile, those looking for a real bargain can get the cheapest rooms at Bucharest Acasă Hostel, where a room for two costs just £7.50 each, compared to £15 a room. Flights won't empty your pockets either. Skyscanner places flights from the UK to Bucharest at £29 for a return flight!