Romania is looking for matches with the “lame” of Europe: Stoichiță made the group for the League of Nations

After a catastrophic participation in the 2022-2023 edition, ending with a relegation, Romania will evolve in “C” in the next edition of the League of Nations. And on Thursday (7 p.m., AntenaPLAY and UEFA TV platforms), we will find out the names of the teams we will meet in September, October and November 2024.

Mihai Stoichiță

No matter what our group looks like, we can hope for 1st place. If we were to do a simulation, before tomorrow's draw in Paris, we can have the following options:

*Heavy group: Romania, Kosovo, Slovakia, Estonia

*Intermediate difficulty group: Romania, Azerbaijan, North Macedonia, Belarus

*Light group: Romania, Faroe Islands, Cyprus, Latvia

I would like us to fall into a group with the Faroe Islands, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia or Gibraltar. But I don't think Gibraltar qualifies (no – they have a play-off with Lithuania). The League of Nations is also important. It's a warm-up for the World Championship preliminaries. I wouldn't want us to fall with Kosovo or Northern Ireland. It wouldn't be great with Slovakia either. These are the teams to avoid. Otherwise, I think they are all accessible. The objective is not fixed, let's see now what will come out. After all, the major competition is a final tournament“, said Mihai Stoichiță, head of the Technical Commission, upon leaving for Paris.

League C, the value ballots for the draw

Urn 1: Romania, Sweden, Armenia, Luxembourg

2nd urn: Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Faroe Islands

Urn 3: North Macedonia, Slovakia, Northern Ireland, Cyprus

4th urn: Belarus, Lithuania / Gibraltar*, Estonia, Latvia

*In March, there will be a play-off between Lithuania and Gibraltar. The winner will stay in League C, while the loser will go to League D.

When will the matches be played?

Stage 1: September 5-7

Stage 2: September 8-10

Stage 3: October 10-12

Stage 4: October 13-15

Stage 5: November 14-16

Stage 6: November 17-19

Romania in the League of Nations

Series Edition Final ranking

2022-2023 B3 Place 4 of 4

2020-2021 B1 Place 3 out of 4

2018-2019 C4 Place 2 of 4