Metsola: Europe will be stronger when Romania joins the Eurozone and takes its rightful place in Schengen

The President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, emphasized during the visit of President Klaus Iohannis, in the European Parliament, the role and contribution of Romania in recent years, showing that the European Union will be stronger when the state joins the Eurozone and the full Schengen area.

The head of the EP spoke in the plenary of the Legislature about Romania's contribution PHOTO Video capture

“Ukraine is our first responsibility, our first priority. Europe is stronger thanks to our united efforts and here Romania plays a crucial role on the eastern flank”, said Metsola, during the visit of President Klaus Iohannis to the European Parliament, thanking for the help given to the country on Romania's border, invaded by the Russian Federation.

The Head of the European Legislature emphasized that “Europe will be even stronger when Romania joins the Eurozone and takes its well-deserved place in the Schengen Area”.

“For us it is clear, March 31 will be a significant date for all EuropeansMetsola added, pointing out that the 17 years in which Romania was a member of the European Union “they were transformative for Romania and for Europe” and “they brought opportunities for all.”

The call to vote

Roberta Metsola also told Romanians not to let others decide for them and to vote in the European parliamentary elections that will take place on June 9.

“In just 4 months, the time will come again for Romanians and other European citizens to set a renewed direction for Europe. On June 9, over 19 million Romanians will vote for 33 MEPs. Who these people will be, what they will represent – that is in the hands of the Romanians. They will shape the policies, they will pass the legislation that will change Europe. Romanians will choose to vote”, the president of the European Parliament also said.

During the visit, Metsola also spoke about the importance for the legitimacy of the European Union that everyone feels represented in the top positions in the community block and that the geographical balance is respected.

“Until the election day we will try to convince that the vote counts”, Metsola also said.