Ciolacu compares the members of the Opposition with Mirel from Turnu Magurele. Reply of the head of the USR

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu stated that he does not make any difference between the members of the Opposition, whom he compared to “Mirel from Turnu Măgurele”, a character from a song, who only criticizes.

Marcel Ciolacu compared the members of the Opposition with the character from the song “Macarena” PHOTO Archive

“Who will beat me? Have you seen any solutions from Simion lately? Did he come to have a coherent dialogue about the economy? They are not all perfect, but with stability we managed direct investments of 20 billion, we managed through negotiations to have a stronger voice abroad, we influence European decisions. I don't differentiate between Simion, Drula, Barna, Ciolos, what did they leave in this country? A billion for vaccines, hospitals on fire, 0 European funds, 0 highways, he went with a crowbar to destroy I don't know what kiosks! I compare them with Mirel from Turnu Magurele, that's the style, they know everything, they know everything, but they don't come up with any solution. When they had a decision, when they were in the government act, nothing happened. Rosia Montana comes to mind as Ciolos wanted us to join Unesco, because that's how a political party was born. We received a bill from the political party that will give us all a headache“, claimed Marcel Ciolacu on Romania TV.

In reply, the leader of the Opposition, Cătălin Drula, sent a message on Facebook that “Marcel from Buzău also tries a maidan joke and calls me Mirel from Turnu Măgurele. It is he, the president of the PSD, who excuses the sexual harassers in the party, blaming their victims for answering the phone at night”.

“But what is Marcel good at? It just gave us the highest inflation in Europe by far in January. (…) This is where we are, Marcele, but it's ok, in a few months you will also go after Adrian Năstase. That's how the Romanians do with the swollen-headed pesedists in the big election years. After 20 years, history will repeat itself.”, Drula also sent