Ciolacu, discussions regarding the new pension law and the minimum wage with the European Commissioner for Labour

The Prime Minister discussed with Nicolas Schmit, the European Commissioner for Labor and Social Rights, regarding the state of social reforms in the PNRR, the new pension law and the European directive on the minimum wage.

The Prime Minister talked with the European minister Nicolas Schmit PHOTO Facebook

“I talked with the European Commissioner for Labor and Social Rights, Nicolas Schmit, about the status of the reforms in the social field included in the PNRR, the new pension law expected by Romanians and the application of the European minimum wage directive.

The candidate of the European Social Democrats (PES) for the head of the European Commission, Nicolas Schmit is a friend of Romania and the author of many European support measures for our country. Through stability and development, we can build a strong Romania in the EU“, Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu sent on Facebook.

How pensions are recalculated in autumn

The President of the National Public Pensions House (CNPP), Daniel Baciu, explained to “Adevărul” that three aspects are taken into account in calculating the pension: the contribution period, the stability points and the non-contributory periods, which are exactly the periods assimilated to seniority, but for who have not paid contributions to the public pension system. For these periods assimilated to seniority – military training, full-time university and unemployment -, 0.25 point is given for each year

The Government of Romania has undertaken through the PNRR to implement an IT system that will include a series of components that work in an integrated and centralized manner.

Increasing the minimum wage

The Ministry of Labor must establish a new calculation formula for the guaranteed minimum gross salary in payment, taking into account the criteria required by the European Commission through Directive 2041/2022.

The directive was adopted on 22 October 2022 and provides that Member States must take the necessary measures to comply with this directive by 15 November 2024.The Member States shall immediately inform the Commission thereof. When Member States adopt those measures, they shall contain a reference to this Directive or be accompanied by such a reference on the occasion of their official publication. The methods of making this referral are established by the member states“, it is also stated in the Directive.