Cîrstoiu: “I could be the Minister of Health many times in this life”. The candidate of the Coalition, against the abolition of the sectors of the Capital

Cătălin Cîrstoiu, the PSD-PNL candidate for the Capital City Hall, reported on the Insider Poltic show that he could have become Minister of Health several times.

The Coalition candidate gave more details about his past PHOTO Inquam

“I could have been the Minister of Health many times in this life, but I did not make the decision to take this step at those moments. This was proposed to me many times and I said that it is better for me to be convinced that I have reached a point in medicine where I can make today's decision. You should know that many times I could be the Minister of Health”, stated Cîrstoiu, according to News, during the Insider Politic show, explaining that he learned a lot from the current Minister of Health, who was his group assistant in college.

The PSD-PNL candidate also showed that his father was a deputy and worked at the Public Administration Law, and his great-grandfather was the adopted son of Ion Mihalache.

About the former manager of the University Hospital and former general mayor, Sorin Oprescu, Cîrstoiu stated: “We are two totally different people. I have lawsuits with Sorin Oprescu without number”.

The PSD-PNL candidate for the General City Hall of the Capital also argued that the current administrative division of the Bucharest municipality into six sectors must be maintained, stating that “Bucharest should be led by seven magnates: a general mayor and six sector mayors”.

“The attitude and action of the sector mayors must be a unitary whole with that of the general mayor. It cannot be otherwise. When we talk about Bucharest and when we talk about action in Bucharest, I think the time has come to stop talking about political color. (…) I think that the problem of the general mayor's office is not who supports you in the first stage, it's what you do, what project you have”Cătălin Cîrstoiu also stated, according to News, reporting about the current mayor of the Capital that he is an intelligent man but “a grade 4 primary”.

About the mayor of sector 5, he reported that he is the only mayor who did not answer his phone, nor did he offer support to the hospital he runs. “The wheelbarrow was probably walking, probably. Instead, what I can tell you is that Mayor Ciucu has always provided us with all the support“, Cîrstoiu also affirmed.