Ciucă, visiting Chisinau: I am sending a message of solidarity and support. Romania, the most reliable UPDATE partner

The President of the Senate, PNL leader Nicolae Ciucă, sent a message of solidarity for the Republic of Moldova on Friday, on the occasion of his official visit to Chisinau. The liberal claims that the formation he belongs to has supported and will continue unconditional support for the neighboring country, in the context of security, appreciating its efforts to join the EU.

Ciucă: My thoughts go to the Moldovan citizens living in Romania PHOTO Mediafax

UPDATE:Bucharest will continue to support Chisinau, just like before. This was my message to Igor Grosu, the president of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. We continue to provide all the assistance needed in the process of joining the European Union, on the technical, legislative and diplomatic side“, stated the President of the Senate, after the meeting with the President of the Parliament from Chisinau, Igor Grosu.

The PNL leader said that the party he leads will support the urgency of interconnection projects, noting that “Romania already provides part of the gas consumption of the Republic of Moldova“.

We, the National Liberal Party, will do everything possible to expedite the interconnection projects of the two banks of the Prut, in terms of road and energy. For example, the A8 Târgu Mureș-Iași-Ungheni highway is a project of great interest in Chisinau, because it also has the role of providing the Republic of Moldova with a high-speed connection with the West of the continent.

I emphasized the fact that Romania already provides part of the gas consumption of the Republic of Moldova. Just two days ago, a quantity of 0.3 million cubic meters of gas was sent over the Prut through the Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline. This could be done without problems, given that there are sufficient quantities of natural gas in our national deposits. We will continue to support the Republic of Moldova on this plan, considering the energy blackmail that the Russian Federation uses as a weapon in the relationship with the rest of Europe”, added Ciuca.

Original news: “For our brothers and sisters across the Prut, I want to send today, from Chisinau, a strong message of solidarity and support in this particularly complicated security context. The citizens of the Republic of Moldova already know that Romania is their most reliable partner. We liberals have supported and will continue our unconditional support for them,” sent the President of the Senate Nicolae Ciucă, on his Facebook page.

The PNL leader emphasized that the Republic of Moldova is already on the way to joining the European Union and hopes that this step will be completed very soon.

My thoughts also go out to the hundreds of thousands of Moldovan citizens living in Romania who are worried about their families across the Prut. I want you to know that Romania values ​​the places where you were born just as much. Today, the Republic of Moldova is on the way to joining the European Union. It is an independent and sovereign country and it is the only one that must and can decide its own destiny. I have faith that one day, not very far, we will be together in the big European family“, concluded the president of the Senate.

The President of the Romanian Senate, Nicolae Ciucă, is on an official visit to Chisinau, in the Republic of Moldova, on Friday, where he will meet the President of the Parliament, Igor Grosu, and the Head of State, Maia Sandu.