Leonardo DiCaprio's “3-word answer” to a Playboy model: the 22-year-old turned down the actor's invitation to go home with him

Hieke Konings, a 22-year-old Playboy model, revealed what Leonardo DiCaprio's response was after she turned down his invitation to go home with him, according to Daily Mail Online.

Hieke Konings. PHOTO Instagram

The model claims she kissed the 49-year-old Hollywood star at an invite-only nightclub in Los Angeles.

She explained that DiCaprio's manager first brought her to the star's table, telling her: “Leo wants to talk to you.”

In an interview with the Dutch edition of Playboy magazine, Hieke said that after they kissed, she was invited to go home with Leonardo DiCaprio, but that she turned him down.

Hieke Konings also recounted how the Killers Of The Flower Moon star reacted after the rejection.

“He reacted very shocked. Of course he wasn't used to that when I told him I didn't know him well enough.” she said.

“I respect that”

According to the model, Leonardo DiCaprio would have given her a short answer: “I respect that.”

Leonardo DiCaprio.  PHOTO Shutterstock

Leonardo DiCaprio. PHOTO Shutterstock

However, Hieke specified that the star “went back to another girl and took her home”.

The model says she's had several girlfriends spend the night with DiCaprio and has made up her own mind about the actor's questionable preferences:

“Leo is too weird and too old“.

MailOnline has contacted Leonardo DiCaprio's representatives for comment.

A source told MailOnline: “Leo insisted he had never met this lady.”