Cluj University, draw with FCSB (0-0) in the Super League

The University of Cluj ended with a draw with FCSB, 0-0, on Monday evening, at the Cluj Arena, in the last confrontation of the 26th stage of the football Superleague, writes Agerpres.

FC Universitatea Cluj – FC FCSB PHOTO: FCSB/facebook

u missed a penalty, in the 16th minute, by Dan Nistor, whose shot was saved by the goalkeeper Ştefan Târnovanu, who then intervened in Nistor's restart.

The penalty kick was given for Mihai Lixandru's foul on Nistor.

Defender Nana Antwi made his FCSB debut entering the second half.

uCluj registered only one victory in the last seven stages, two draws and four failures.

FCSB, which achieved two draws in the last three stages, is undefeated in eight stages, in which it recorded five wins and three draws.

The score was even in the round, 2-2.

FC Universitatea Cluj – FC FCSB 0-0, Cluj Arena – Cluj-Napoca

Dan Nistor missed a penalty in min. 16 (Stefan Târnovanu defended).

Referee: Ovidiu Haţegan (Arad);

assistant referees: Sebastian Eugen Gheorghe (Suceava), George Florin Neacșu (Câmpulung Muscel);

fourth official: Mircea Ardelean (Arad)

Video Referee: Iulian Călin (Ştefăneşti/Argeş);

video assistant referee: Ferencz Tunyogi (Zalau)

Observers: Marcel Savaniu (Satu Mare) – CCA, Cătălin Popa (Vaslui) – LPF