Corvinul Hunedoara, the work of a coach about whom there is little talk: the revelation made by Florin Maxim

Florin Maxim (43 years old) is, at the moment, an up-and-coming coach in Romanian football who is talked about far too little. What he achieved at Corvinul is truly impressive. And it shows that we are dealing with a great future technician.

Florin Maxim, coach Corvinul Hunedoara. PHOTO: Facebook

In dialogue with the federation's website, Maxim, a former footballer at Corvinul, Sportul Studențesc or Farul Constanța, revealed that he really believed in the possibility of playing the final of the Romanian Cup, although his team had just been promoted to “B”. “Honestly, I even wrote down the date of the final, from last year, in the calendar in the locker room! I believed and it was a goal for us, we knew we didn't have promotion rights. It wasn't easy, I played on two fronts with almost the same players, many of whom I promoted from League 3. But they can show even more! I want to think that we are a balanced team. You really have something to see in our matches, we have an offensive style, we put pressure on the opponent from the first minute. But we also know how to defend ourselves!“, stated Maxim.

For his part, Dorinel Munteanu brought Oțelul back to a cup final after 20 years. In 2004, the team from Dunăre lost the last act, 0-2 against Dinamo.

It will be a tough match against Corvinu. From a sporting, professional point of view, we are ready for Europe, but we lack the financial part. We need a much bigger budget. I've never liked to talk about money, but I think the Steel have the lowest budget in the first league“, said “Mountains”.

Romanian Cup, a competition organized by the Romanian Football Federation.  PHOTO: Facebook

Romanian Cup, a competition organized by the Romanian Football Federation. PHOTO: Facebook

The path of the finalists to the last act

Corvinul Hunedoara

*Round III: 4-1 with Jiul Petroșanu

*Play-offs: 4-2 with Csikszereda

*Groups: 2-0 with Chindia, 1-0 with Sepsi and 6-0 with Progresul Pecica

*Quarters: 4-0 with CFR Cluj

*Semifinals: 3-1 with FC Voluntari

Galati Steel

*Play-offs: 3-1 with FC Bacau

*Groups: 4-1 with Zalău, 1-1 with FCSB and 3-3 with Dinamo

*Quarters: 1-0 with Craiova University

*Semifinals: 2-1 with Cluj University