Survivor All Stars 2024. Only seven contestants left to fight for the trophy and the grand prize.

In episode 52 there are only seven contestants left in the fight for the grand prize and trophy. Competitors put in hard-to-understand efforts behind the scenes, but managed to overcome the trials and their own limitations, according to ProTV.

Survivor Romania PHOTO: Facebook/survivorromania.oficial

As time flies and the Survivor All Stars Grand Finale is getting closer, some contestants are more nervous than ever! Returning from exile in the competition, the Zannidache sparked fear, insecurity and controversy.

“I think they were not ready to give me what was mine, to recognize my merits”Zanni believes, after winning

“Zanni disregarded every competitor. He put himself on a high pedestal, thought he was the best, and was hurt in his pride”claimed another member of the Los Bandidos tribe, while TJ, once Zanni's brother, now feels he's in for some tense talks.

Even the tribesmen who considered him a friend and ally in the past now exchange words with him. One of them is even TJ Miles, who was initially eliminated, only to receive him in the camp with the rest.

Zanni: “I said so!”

TJ Miles: “Ah, so you think I was fake with you? uh, are you ok? Are you okay, Zanni?”.

Zanni announced on this occasion that he will change his strategy for the coming weeks: “as far as the competition remains, I just have to show my strength. I showed my soul”. What this change and new strategy means in his attitude, we will see in the upcoming episodes.