Cristian Popescu Piedone supports the PSD-PNL candidate, Rareș Hopincă, for the District 2 City Hall

Cristian Popescu Piedone announced that he will support Rareș Hopincă, the PSD representative supported by the Coalition for this position, for the Sector 2 City Hall.

PUSL supports Rareș Hopincă at the Sector 2 City Hall. Photo: Inquam

The Humanist Social Liberal Party from Romania does not submit a list of candidates for the Sector 2 City Hall, but supports Mr. Prefect Rareș Opincă for the position of mayor. PUSL will only submit lists of advisors. It is PUSL's policy considering my youth, experience, personal knowledge, interactivity with Mr. Prefect in office Rareș Opincă, the future mayor of Sector 2, the one who, in my absence, held the mayor's office as city manager. I don't care about his formation. As president of PUSL in Romania, I chose not to run against him, to go directly to the council“, said Cristian Popescu Piedone, at Antena3CNN.

I am extremely pleasantly surprised by the position of Mayor Piedone. He knows I appreciate his work. In fact, while I worked at the City Hall of Sector 5, there was continuity of projects both when I took over Mr. Piedone's projects, and later when he resumed them after my mandate as city managerr”, replied Rareș Hopincă, according to the quoted source.

Rareș Hopincă is the prefect of the Capital, being supported by the PSD-PNL Alliance (on the part of the social democrats) for the City Hall of Sector 2. Previously, he worked in marketing and communication, and then in the local public administration, also holding the position of city manager of the Sector 5.

The PSD-PNL coalition also supports George Tuță (PNL) in Sector 1, Robert Negoiță (PSD) for Sector 3, Daniel Baluță (PSD) in Sector 4, Adrian Vighenciu (PSD) in Sector 5 and Sector 6 the liberal Ciprian Ciucu.

Doctor Cătălin Cîrstoiu, manager of the Bucharest University Hospital, is the governing coalition's candidate for the Capital City Hall.