CTP, harsh attack on Iohannis: “She reminded me of a beggar. I mean, you want us to put a cocky scumbag like you?”

Cristian Tudor Popescu abolishes Klaus Iohannis. The journalist had a harsh reaction after the Romanian president's statements made on Wednesday, February 7, in Brussels, calling him “masterful in the test of ridicule”.

Cristian Tudor Popescu dismisses Klaus Iohannis PHOTO The truth

In a post on his social media page, the journalist analyzes the statements of Iohannis, whom he calls, at one point, “an arrogant bastard”.

More than that, Popescu says that the Romanian president's performance reminded him of a Romanian beggar from a Swedish film.

But Klaus Iohannis has now struck in Brussels, masterfully surpassing all other presidents in the test of ridicule. It reminded me of a Romanian beggar in a Swedish film, who, when asked kindly by a local “Shall I get you something to eat?”, answers on the spot and pointedly: “Ciabatta with tuna, without onion”.

First, a stupidity: how can you reproach the EU, with the Ceausist term “it was wrong”, that in 2019 some people from Eastern Europe, not just from the West, should have been appointed to leadership positions? It means positively discriminating against Eastern Europeans in the style of “political correctness” by percentage casting them as black, disabled, female or sexual minorities in Hollywood productions.

To propose a criterion other than competence for high-level posts, in the plenary of the European Parliament, not even in a private discussion, surely raised, in the minds of the few in the room, the question: “I mean, do you want to make Eastern Europe a cocky brat like you?“.

Iohannis kept his promise: his speech to Europe is historic, it will be remembered…

In the same post, the journalist also mentions the other presidents of Romania, whom Iohannis brilliantly “beats” in terms of mistakes,

Ion Iliescu arranged through the Ceaușescu diplomats he took with him to “accidentally” collide with old Bush in the hallway in Washington.

Emil Constantinescu told us how he is part of the “restricted circle of heads of state”.

Traian Băsescu was trying, pitifully, to be noticed among the grangers of Europe.