Dan Podaru: I am a candidate in the local elections for the position of mayor of Sector 1

Dan Podaru, former PNL member and councilor in Sector 1, announced that he will enter the race for the Mayor of Sector 1, being the first counter-candidate of Armand, supported for another mandate by the United Right Alliance.

Dan Podaru left PNL PHOTO Archive

Convinced that we must put an end to the clientelistic system promoted by the current administration, that we need mayors who put arrogance aside, get down from their high seats, listen to people's voices and act responsibly, I announce my candidacy for the position of Mayor of Sector 1. At the level of Sector 1 we need a mayor of citizens, not one of political parties“, says Dan Podaru in a press release.

We are witnessing an incompetent and opportunistic government, for which political bargaining and serving group interests in disregard of the law and the interests of citizens prevails. Today we see the disastrous results of this policy illustrated “as per the book” by the incompetence of the current mayor of Sector 1, Clotilde Armand. Having come to power with the support of the PNL, she has now found a bed in the arms of other political formations to be able to run again. 4 years ago, I joined the project that PNL proposed for Sector 1, becoming a local councillor. Along the way, however, the policy promoted by the leaders of the sector organization was reduced to political dodges, out of the desire to get out of the disaster produced by the current mayor Clotilde Armand. For this reason, I resigned from the PNL and from the position of local councilor“, claims the former liberal.

Throughout the four years of my mandate in the City Council, I constantly promoted community development projects, including saving the green space on Ion Mihalache Boulevard 325 – 325A, renovating the dormitories and equipping the Media Technical College, equipping it with school furniture and equipment of the “Petre Ispirescu” Secondary School, equipping the Dorobanti outpatient clinic with specialized equipment, financing students from high schools and schools in the sector, to participate in competitions and international events. I was also the supporter of financing the modernization works at the Floreasca Sports Complex, where the national polo team trains. At the same time, I was one of the most constant critics of Mayor Clotilde Armand's illegalities. This not only ignores the decisions of the City Council (not implementing more than 200 decisions of this council), but governs in contempt of the law, according to its own invented rules, as shown, among other things, in the Financial Audit Report for the year 2022 no. 17140/22.02.2024 of the Court of Accounts, which identifies financial irregularities in the amount of 701,600,111 lei in the accounting of the City Hall Sector 1″claims Dan Podaru.

New political formation

Today I am ready to propose to the citizens a project that focuses entirely on the improvement of public services at the level of Sector 1. It will have the effect of increasing the quality of life of the inhabitants of the sector by creating new parking spaces, building nurseries, schools and educational centers , eliminating the mess by normalizing the sanitation service, reopening markets and attracting local producers, improving administrative services for the entrepreneurial environment by immediately issuing operating permits, attracting European funds and from other sources to solve the thermal insulation of blocks in the sector and purchasing directly from manufacturers of the over 1,000 elevators that need to be replaced. In order to achieve these objectives, I have laid the foundations of a local political formation which, for the first time for Bucharest, will propose candidates only at the level of Sector 1. I am presenting myself to the citizens together with a team made up of specialists and experts in the issues of public administration, health, urban planning and the environment”, May supports Podaru.

In this party we will co-opt only representatives of the local community who know the problems of the sector in detail and who have the ability to offer feasible solutions. The candidates of this political formation will not be the “good people” of the current bankrupt parties, but only those who will dedicate themselves to the problems of Sector 1. To make this change, I am counting on the support of all citizens who must go out to vote and choose holding account of their needs, of those who want a clean, civilized space, a space where children can play safely, go to decent schools, move safely on the street, have access to cultural resources and facilities sports. In the next period, I will present in detail the platform of this local party and the team chosen to serve only the interests of the citizens of Sector 1″, concluded Podaru.