Dan Şucu, majority shareholder of FC Rapid: It is hard for me to see that the existence of torches in the stands can lead to prison

The majority shareholder of FC Rapid Bucharest, Dan Şucu, said on Thursday, regarding the involvement of the president Daniel Niculae in a file regarding the introduction of pyrotechnic materials at football matches, that it is difficult for him to understand that the existence of lit torches could lead to prison, even if they are outside the law, according to Agerpres.

Dan Sucu. PHOTO Mediafax

“Your mother, Christ! Why should it be the hardest moment since I entered football? The hardest moment for me was after I scored two own goals with Petrolul. Then I was really puzzled. How could I compare what is happening in this stadium with what happened in the Arc de Triomphe stadium a week ago? How can these two things compare? It is very difficult for me. It is true that it is illegal. If it is illegal, it must stop, but the existence of torches in the stands is hard for me to see at the moment as a criminal thing or as something that should lead to prison. I have seen matches on TV where pyrotechnic materials are used 'n' times more than here and they are not criminalized“, said the rapidist shareholder, in a press conference.

“I have a doubt that this is the way it should be done”

Dan Şucu continued:

“At the moment, yes, they are legally incriminated, and they must stop, undoubtedly. But that we can do this in a blunt way in confronting our own gallery, I have a doubt that this is the way to do it. We are waiting for our fans with the greatest pleasure at the match with Farul and let them know that they are in the greatest safety at the Giuleşt stadiumi”, declared Şucu.

In his opinion, the lighting of some torches in the stands of the stadiums is a less serious fact than the fights between the supporters, referring to the incidents between the fans of the Dinamo, UTA Arad and CSA Steaua teams.

“I woke up this morning with a phone call from the lawyer, criminal, who told me that the president of the club went to the hearings, at a police station. It's automatically something outside of the things you're used to every day, but in football you get used to a lot. Now we have additional information, but for now we have seen very little of all the data that is in the file. I only saw the part that had to do with Daniel at all. To speak as a principle, compliance with the law is essential, mandatory, but I would make a major difference between violence, beatings, destruction on the ground and some lighted torches. It is not something very pleasant what happened today, but at the same time a new competition begins“, Șucu also said.

Rapid has not seriously participated in a competition of this kind in the last 15 years, recalled the majority shareholder of FC Rapid Bucharest.

(…)And my hope is to form a united, non-criminal group to perform. For me, Saturday was the most beautiful evening spent in football (4-0 against FCSB, ed.), but look, Thursday is not so beautiful anymore. We hope Friday is just as beautiful. Today I felt like Saturday was a beautiful wedding with good people and at the end of the wedding someone came and threw mud on the wedding dressi”, added Dan Şucu.

“Yes, it is undoubtedly being investigated”

The rapidist shareholder declared that he does not know the quality that Daniel Niculae has.

“I don't know if he is a witness or a suspect, from what I understand… Yes, he is undoubtedly being investigated, he was there with the lawyer. We have the obligation to respect all Romanian laws. But I understand that this whole part with the torches is outside the law and must remain outside the law, if the law changes then it's something else. I have seen many stadiums in all corners of the world where this type of product is accepted, but we cannot make an equation between some lit torches gallery and violence, fighting in the stadium, are very different things“, said the rapidist shareholder.

Dan Şucu said that he does not know the details related to the weapons that the police would have found in this file, stating that it is difficult for him to see the president of the club, Daniel Niculae, with a machine gun in his hand:

I don't know the part about the weapons, I can't imagine Mr. Niculae with a machine gun in his hand. Found guilty of what? That I would have a problem if I knew that there were weapons and ammunition in Daniel Niculae's house“.

“We don't have anything to complain about in the way the matches are organized”

Daniel Niculae, the president of the Rapid club, who was present at the stadium at the time of the press conference, does not currently risk suspension from his position, said Șucu:

“Based on what we know at the moment, no, Niculae is not at risk of being suspended. We are waiting to see all the things that are to be seen and then we can detect if necessary, but I don't think that is the case. I have never seen anyone more involved in what he has to do at Rapid than Nico. I talked to him, he explained to me what it was about. You can't say at the moment that I have something I can get my hands on, something outside… At the moment we don't have anything specific to complain about in the way the matches are organized. If through the gendarmerie and through this investigation we will see that there is something more that escapes us, then we will certainly adapt“.

Regarding the club's relationship with the gallery, Şucu stated that Rapid supports part of the expenses related to the travel of fans to matches outside Bucharest.

“I think that the institutional collaboration between the club and the gallery is very clear. We have a budget of 25,000 lei through which we support everything that means buses, train cars, for moving the gallery. We are very pleased to have them with us on the road and once or twice a season we have a contribution for what the choreography part means”said Sucu.

“We guard this stadium only during matches”

The shareholder declared himself satisfied with the company that handles security at sports events.

“We are tenants here and we guard this stadium only during matches. I have not the slightest idea about the products found, the stadium belongs to CS Rapid. The company related to security is ours, naturally. We have between 250 and 350 people in the security device at matches. No security company on earth guarantees that there won't be some puzzled person who won't throw a torch on the field, there is no such thing. If I could find one, it would also save me a lot of other expenses. We don't guard this stadium, just one day every two weeks. We are quite satisfied with the company that handles security at sports events. Lately I have noticed an increasingly better and more civilized relationship between the gallery and the club. In other words, I don't think there is a more civilized atmosphere in Romania in a stadium than in Giulesti, this is my personal opinion”also said the shareholder of the Giuleştean club.

“We saw a torch or two thrown into the field from our area”

Şucu also spoke about the fine of 60,000 lei received from the Disciplinary Commission of the Romanian Football Federation, which he considers exaggerated.

“If you ask me if the fans asked for permission to come with pyrotechnic materials, that's not the case. If you're asking me if he asked someone else for permission, I don't know at the moment. We were fined 60,000 and I don't know how many sectors of the stadium were closed, and we saw a torch or two thrown onto the pitch from our area. I think it's a bit exaggerated, but the law is the law and must be respected. I don't think monetary penalties bring anything educational, simply some money that leaves a club's account and ends up somewhere. It seems to me that more torches were thrown from the guest lawn than from our gallery”Şucu also said.

We remind you that Daniel Niculae, along with other people, was taken to hearings on Thursday, in a file regarding the introduction of pyrotechnic materials at football matches, judicial sources told AGERPRES.

The law enforcement officers found pyrotechnic materials, lethal firearms and white weapons at the residences of members of the Rapid gallery, following the searches carried out on Thursday in 19 locations in Bucharest and the counties of Ilfov, Prahova and Iasi.

According to some judicial sources, the president of the Rapid club, Daniel Niculae, is a suspect in the file.

The disciplinary commission of the Romanian Football Federation decided, on Wednesday, to sanction the Rapid team with a sports penalty of 60,000 lei and to close several sectors of the Giulesti stadium, for the match with Farul Constanţa, on Friday, in the first stage of the play-off Super leagues.

During the game Rapid – FCSB, score 4-0, played on Saturday, at the National Arena, several pyrotechnic materials were thrown onto the playing surface, both from the lawn of the Giuleşte gallery and from the sectors reserved for the visiting supporters.