Declic's protest to the Financial Supervision Authority against the huge premiums of the management of the institution

The Declic community organized, on Friday, a protest at the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) against the lack of transparency shown by the institution in relation to the management's “huge premiums”, reports Agerpres.

According to a press release from the Declic community sent to AGERPRES on Friday, dozens of people lined up at the ASF registry and officially requested, through requests, Law no. 544/2001, explanations for the “huge sums” that the ASF management collected as premiums, at a time when the insurance market was close to collapse: large companies went bankrupt, and ordinary citizens ended up paying exaggerated rates at RCA.

The citizens present at the protest, in order to show the heads of the ASF what transparency means, displayed on placards the amounts they have to take out of their pockets for the RCA.

The protesters honked to attract the attention of ASF officials.

Protest Declic Capture video

Declic representatives went to talks with a delegation from the ASF, led by the first vice-president Gabriel-Ioan Avrămescu.”We want this institution, which operates with a budget to which we, the citizens, also contribute, to be transparent. And a guarantee in this sense is the change of the law under which the ASF operates (…) The ASF bosses assured us that we will no longer hear about bonuses and premiums at the Authority, as has happened so far. Remains to be seen. We will continue to keep an eye on ASF“, declared Denisa Soare, Declic campaigner.

More than 32,000 citizens have so far signed the petition through which the Declic Community asks the parliamentarians to change the law under which ASF operates. The petition can be read at