Stroe, about a proposal by President Iohannis for the headship of NATO: He has sufficient expertise and experience

The spokesperson of the PNL, Ionuț Stroe, explained to “Adevărul” that it would be honorable for Romania to have a representative at the level of the highest position in NATO, in the context in which information appeared in the public space regarding a proposal of President Klaus Iohannis.

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“Obviously, it would be honored and important for Romania to have a representative at this level, and for him to be President Klaus Iohannis. After the longest mandate as president of an EU and NATO member country, I believe that he has enough expertise and experience to occupy such a position. But very importantly, it also has the recognition of our partners”, claimed the PNL spokesperson, Ionuț Stroe, for “Adevărul”.

The PNL representative also stated that “President Kaus Iohannis is a politician very involved in international politics, appreciated in Washington, Brussels… and has very good relations with many of the chancelleries of the member countries”.

Iohannis, proposed for the post of Secretary General of NATO

Romania would have officially announced to the allies that it is proposing Klaus Iohannis for the leadership of NATO, according to a post on the X platform by a US correspondent. The information is also supported by government sources cited by G4Media. The Government spokesman, however, refused to comment on the subject in a press conference.

Mihai Tudose, former prime minister and current vice-president of the PSD, claims that it would be “honouring” for our country if President Klaus Iohannis were to become the head of NATO, and there is no question that his party and the Government would not support such an approach.

The prime minister's statements

And Marcel Ciolacu also positioned himself on the same line: “If you want my opinion – I would be proud as a Romanian for the president of Romania to hold a high-level political position, as I would be proud for any Romanian“.

The prime minister also emphasized that, being a PNL-PSD agreement, the negotiating power is greater and he also talked about the possibility of a position “Euro-Atlantic”: “We will have double bargaining power in both political families. These are pluses. Romanians want a strong, Romanian voice in European and Euro-Atlantic structures