Diana Sosoacă's husband: The head of MISA on Europe”, who would also be a “Mossad agent”, advises the senator

Dumitru Silvestru Șoșooacă claimed in an interview granted to Digi24 that the senator is advised by a “head of MISA”, who is also a “Mossad agent” and who wants to destroy her political career. The senator's husband is convinced that he must enter the political fight.

Divorce is announced in the senator's family and party PHOTO Arhivă Adevărul

“I don't give specific names. Let her assume that they are her advisers. Some paid, some unpaid, of course. There are many well-wishers, quote, who come up with all kinds of ideas. Some bad, some good. Here we are talking about a councilor who is not caught in the documents. There is also the head of MISA on Europe, I suspect he is a Mossad agent. That is, a man who wants to destroy his political career”claimed Dumitru Silvestru Şoșoacă in an interview granted to Digi24.

The senator's husband announces his entry into politics

Among other things, Diana Sosoacă's husband also said that he is bothered by the fact that the senator still bears his name, thus announcing the divorce.

Of course I will take legal action. I will be the first vice-president of the party again”, Silvestru Șoșoacă also affirmed, explaining that the SOS Romania party was founded on his initiative and concluding: “it seems that I will have to give up the comfort of the second line and enter the fight face to face, shoulder to shoulder with political opponents, running myself.”

Divorce in Diana Sosoacă's family and party

Diana Şoșoacă's family and party seem to be about to fall apart, in the context of the outbreak of a public scandal between the senator and her husband after he suspended him from his position in the party.

Later, on Saturday, Dumitru Silvestru Șoșoacă was expelled from the party by a decision of the National Political Committee of SOS Romania, which the husband says is illegal.

Senator Diana Şoşoacă declared in a meeting of the SOS formation, that she decided to suspend her husband, Silvestru Şoşoacă, from the position of first vice-president, in order to save his family.

“In order to be able to save my family I had to make the cruelest decision. In order to be able to save a man's soul and his life, to get him out of the clutches of the services that surrounded him, I had to suspend him from the position of first vice-president, so that his signature no longer meant anything, and at that moment, he no longer means anything to those who surrounded him”, explained Diana Sosoacă.