Disclosures from inside the AUR party: “At 15% you behave so primitively, at 50% you actually shoot us in the street”

The former AUR deputy, Dumitru Coarnă, explained in detail the reasons for his resignation from the formation led by George Simion, to whom he brings several accusations, including legal ones, and emphasized thathe did not want to participate in building political monsters”.

Coarnă denies that he would have refused promotions to people based on meritocracy Photo: Archive

“I upset him (George Simion no) for the simple reason that I respected the law 14/2003 on political parties, in the sense that I established the local branch of the AUR party in Călărași, exactly as provided in the law on political parties and in the statute of the AUR party, i.e. membership completed, signed and approved, contribution paid in cash, against proof of payment, after which the sums of money from the contribution were paid by bank transfer to the party's account, with the mention “AUR Călărași branch contribution”. …) There are 25,000 thousand lei, contributions transferred through this method, money that the local Călărași organization transferred to the accounts of the AUR party since I took over this organization, that is, from July 1, 2023, until today. (…) At the moment when I triggered the election procedure of the AUR Călărași branch, because I met the status condition that stipulated the existence of 500 members, all this madness began, in the sense that they used all the levers they had at hand to block me I had three consecutive days of checks from Bucharest – Wednesday, January 31, Thursday, February 1, Friday, February 2. There were three representatives from Bucharest, namely Pârvu Viorel, Iacob George and Mrs. Badea, the former Bishop. They checked all the documents “, declared, on Tuesday, former AUR deputy, Dumitru Coarnă, according to Aktual24.ro.

One of the reasons emphasized by the former AUR deputy when he resigned was that the formation did not want to establish county branches: “for fear of losing power“, now mentions Coarnă.

Basically, they do not want local organizations in order not to give others the opportunity to run for a leadership position in the party or to validate the possible candidacies for the local elections in 2024. If you look at their structure, you will see that this AUR party is the party without members. Look they have a two-pronged approach. In the public space, they say that they are against the elimination of cash payment, but they require the payment of the fee in electronic format. In my opinion, the application and the card do not confer party membership on anyone. It is an extremely clear scam. So this party says one thing, does another“, said Coarnă, adding that from his information, those in the management of AUR “they wanted to seize the original registration papers and destroy them, because most of them there said: don't give them the original documents, because the people at the center destroy them“, said Horn.

The former AUR deputy also accuses that everything the leadership of the formation does “I totally disagree with Law 14/2003, with my own status as a party”, stating that for this reason George Simion “constantly declares when there is a problem with a so-called party member that he is not an AUR member“.

Coarnă also emphasized that a “resigned with the entire AUR Călărași organization” on Sunday, February 4, because he knew what was coming: “it was clear to me that the game was stopping (…), I don't want to participate in building political monsters“, said the former AUR deputy.

I had some discussions with them, like this, in private, and I said to them, “Sir, if 15% of you behave so brutally, rudely, primitively, you at 50%, you actually shoot us. You guys, if you get to 50%, shoot us in the street“, said the former AUR deputy.

Coarnă accused AUR that “the political propaganda materials they sent local organizations to buy were three to four times overpriced” and that “from what I saw, these goods that are still being sold were not really taxed“.

Accused by George Simion of having refused any promotion of people based on meritocracy, the former AUR member denies this and states that on the contrary: “I really wanted to create organizations based on this principle of meritocracy“.

Coarnă also ruled out his return to the PSD and registration in the SOS party led by Senator Diana Şoşoacă, noting that he has discussions with several parties and “probably by the end of this week I will make a decision“.