The steel wins the match with Craiova after four months since the last victory at home

Steel beat FCU Craiova today, score 1-0, thanks to Bodișteanu's goal (64). The victory is the second of this season at home for the people of Galați and comes after 134 days, since the success with Dinamo, with the same score.

Oțelul Galati managed to take three points in the match with Craiova PHOTO Răzvan Păsărică

Even though the weather was warm for the beginning of February, the stadium in Galati was not full, according to GSP.

Steel was the first to open the scoring. Al. Pop centered perfectly in the box, but Bodișteanu did not anticipate the trajectory of the ball well and missed his shot that could beat Gurău (8).

In the second half, the Galatians started the attack from their own half, Frederic Maciel advanced on the right flank, crossed into the box for Bodișteanu, who never missed the target and opened the scoring in the 64th minute.

After five minutes there was a similar phase, also with Maciel in the foreground who crossed for the same Bodișteanu, but who shot over the goal.

On September 29, 2023, Oţelul – Dinamo 1-0 was the only victory achieved by the Galatasaray team at home this season, otherwise they had six draws and five defeats.