Draft for stricter regulation of video chat. New rules and penalties for non-compliance

In the context in which even minors are used in such activities, which are otherwise legal in Romania, PSD deputy Iulian-Alexandru Badea submitted to the Senate a draft law that precedes stricter rules regarding video chat, with the stated purpose of preventing and combating pornography.

Video chat could be regulated more severely. Archive photo

One of the deputy’s proposals is that indiscriminate arrest of minors and adults for video chat materials should be punishable by prison, according to Digi24.

Harsh penalties for using minors

“Collecting, determining or using a minor to commit obscene acts, for the purpose of producing pornographic materials via video chat, is punishable by imprisonment from 7 to 10 years. Enlisting, determining or using an adult without discernment to commit obscene acts, for the purpose of the production of pornographic video chat materialsis punishable by imprisonment from 4 to 7 years”, it is specified in the legislative initiative.

The draft law also provides for other actions related to video chat activity to be sanctioned: “a) allowing the access of minors to the spaces intended for the performance of pornographic video chat activity; b) setting up spaces intended for the realization or promotion of pornographic video chat activity at a distance of less than 1,000 m from schools and boarding schools, as well as places of worship: c) initiating, organizing, financing or conducting events or programs or shows of an erotic nature, with the aim of promoting pornographic video chat activities among young people: d) non-compliance with the provisions of article 4 regarding the password obligation of sites that carry out and promote pornographic video chat activities and the imposition of a fee for access to these sites, as well as the restriction for minors. e) non-compliance with the provisions of the article regarding the advertising of pornographic video chat premises and sites”.

Distance of at least 1,000 meters from schools and churches

The project also contains the criteria that video chat studios must meet, both in terms of distance from schools and churches, and in terms of the space allocated to each model: “a) have an area of ​​at least 20 square meters for each individual model; b) to have security; c) to have ISU approval; d) not to use a street advertisement and not to display advertising materials regarding pornographic video chat services; e) to be located at a distance greater than 1,000 m from schools, kindergartens or places of worship. f) these activities will be carried out in spaces inaccessible to outside views”.

“Passworded” video chat sites and all reported earnings

The people who create sites that carry out and promote pornographic video chat activities are obliged to parole them, and access to them will be allowed only after a fee per minute of use has been paid, which must be declared to the tax authorities. And the number of accesses to the respective website must also be declared in order to be subject to the fiscal obligations provided by law.

“According to the studies carried out by the Romanian Association of Psychologists, young people who have practiced video chat activities end up suffering from depressive mood, anxiety, insomnia, psychotic symptoms, which can cause serious illnesses or even suicide”, wrote deputy Iulian-Alexandru Badea in the statement of reasons for the legislative proposal.