Dyson Airstrait innovation – the device that dries and straightens hair simultaneously without extreme heat

Each of us has certainly heard, at least once, the expression “it's a good hair day”, and some of us spend countless minutes in front of the mirror every day arranging and styling our hair.

And most of the time it succeeds and the hair looks great, but that's only until it comes face to face with humidity, perhaps its biggest “enemy”. Suddenly the hair stops standing straight, becomes electrified and loses its shape.

But our worries may be over because we have a new ally in the fight: Dyson's new hair straightener, Airstrait, which promises to dry hair while straightening it without damaging it with excessive heat.

Recently launched in the United States, the new device will be available in Romania starting today at the cost of 2499.99 lei, and its functions are explained in detail here.

How does the Dyson Airstrait work?

The Dyson Airstrait straightens wet or air-dried hair without the need for extreme heat. The 2 plates direct a high-pressure air flow along the entire length of the hair, with which it smoothes and straightens it, giving it a natural and silky appearance.

The hair straightener uses the latest Dyson technology – the result of more than 25 years of research – heating the air with precision and projecting it evenly through the strands at a 45˚ angle to create the necessary tension , straighten the hair and get a smooth hairstyle. And the released temperatures are not extreme. In this way, the internal structure of the hair is protected and the appearance is shiny.

Airstrait is suitable for styling any hair type in different styles. It has a function for intelligent temperature control, based on some semiconductor glass balls located in the arms of the device. They regulate the temperature of the air flow up to 30 times per second, thus preventing extreme thermal damage and therefore protecting the hair's natural shine.

At the same time, the Dyson Hyperdymium motor develops up to 106,000 revolutions per minute and propels through the device 11.9 liters of air / second, being equipped with 13 blades. The 3.6 kPa (kilospascal) pressure generated is strong enough to dry and straighten hair at the same time.

The device also has a function for straightening already dry hair, as well as a “Cool” module that helps to fix the hairstyle. Both “Wet” and “Dry” modes, temperature and air pressure steps are pre-set, calibrated for perfect results. In “Wet” mode, 3 temperature levels are available – 80°C (175°F); 110°C (230°F); 140°C (285°F) – and in “Dry” mode 2 – 120°C (250°F) or 140°C (285°F).

To adjust the air pressure, you can choose the “Low” or “High” levels, the cold air flow or the mode for drying the hair at the root.

The genius of the Dyson brand lies in the power to offer customized solutions to the individual needs of individuals, based on care and attention to health and well-being. The Airstrairt device is not only a real help in achieving straight hair with elasticity, it is gentle and preserves the hair's natural shine. Technology is meant to improve aspects of everyday life, and the Dyson Airstrait does so in abundance.

More information on price and product, here.