Simulation National evaluation 2024. Subjects in Romanian language and literature DOCUMENT

The first mock test of National Assessment 2024 has ended a little while ago. The subjects of Romanian language and literature consisted of two texts at first sight, based on which the students had to answer several requirements.

Simulation National assessment 2024. The subjects of Romanian language and literature. First topic

The first text was a fragment from the novel “In her shadow”, by Simona Antonescu, and the second, a paragraph from Professor Liviu Papadima's article “My cat in the lecture hall”, published in Dilema veche in 2017. The grading scale will be announced by the Ministry of Education at 15:00.


In the National Assessment 2024 mock exam, students had more questions to answer and more requirements to solve.

In subject I, A, point 1, students gave an “attention” exam. They were asked to point to two objects mentioned in the text.

In points 2, 3 and 4 the students had to tick a box with the correct answer. Here, graduates had to show that they understood the text and retained the information.


In subject I, A, point 5, the students had to check if the given statements are true or false, three statements from each text.

In subject I, A, point 6, the students had to specify a feature of one of the characters in the text.


In item 7, students were asked to identify a common content element of the two given texts, capitalizing on a “relevant sequence” from each text. The written statement had to be at least 30 words.


At point 8, based on the second text, the students had to answer a question about the ways in which the world we live in can be deciphered.

Point 9 required an association for the student to make between the fragment from the novel “In her shadow” by Simona Antonescu, received as a test, and another literary text either studied in class or read additionally. The argument should have been made in 50-100 words and within it should have capitalized on “a common value”.


Subject IB, points 1-8 were vocabulary and grammar requirements, the first 4 marked with 2 marks each and the next 4 with 6 marks each.

simulation 7 jpg

Simulation National assessment 2024. The subjects of Romanian language and literature. Topic two

The second subject, marked with 20 points, asked the students to make a summary of the text by Simona Antonescu in 100-150 words.

simulation 8 jpg

Out of these 20 points, 8 were awarded for compliance with the rules of writing, clarity, coherence, spelling, punctuation.

Eighth grade students will take the Mathematics test tomorrow, and the Mother Language test on Wednesday. This year, the papers will no longer be corrected manually, but digitized. We are talking about a method by which the authorities try to make the corrections system more efficient.

The purpose of the simulation is to acquaint students with the rigors of a real exam, but also to optimize the results obtained by students from pre-university education at the end of secondary school studies.

The communication of the results will be anonymized, using the individual codes that replace the names and surnames of the candidates.

The results obtained during the simulation are analyzed at the level of each educational unit through individual discussions with the students, debates at the class level, meetings with the parents, as well as at the level of the teaching council, in order to adopt measures to improve school performance in view of the exams this summer .

The grades for the simulation are not contested and are not included in the catalog. However, in exceptional situations where it is desired to record the notes in the catalog, this can be done based on a written request submitted by those interested.