Elena Lasconi, officially designated as a candidate for the presidential elections

Elena Lasconi, president of USR, was appointed on Saturday, June 29, during the extraordinary Congress, the party’s candidate for this year’s presidential elections. She obtained 94.32% of the delegates’ votes.

Elena Lasconi, appointed presidential candidate PHOTO Inquam Photos Octav Ganea

There were 531 votes for Elena Lasconi, Octavian Berceanu got 25 votes, while Dumitru Stanca got only six votes. Elena Lasconi thus obtained 94.32% of the votes validly cast, Berceanu 4.44%, and Stanca 1.24%.

“I want to thank my colleagues. Thank you for giving me this honor. I never thought in my life that I would get to this point, but I think it’s good. It’s hard, but all my life I’ve chosen the hard way. I love Romania with all my being. 2024 is the year we can bury democracy in Romania or the year we can save it. I call on all right-wing formations to come and support the USR project in the presidential elections. As for Mr. Ciucă, he is a career military man, a decent gentleman, I heard it from many people. I would like them to weigh well and if we all want PSD not to reach Cotroceni, to come and support the USR project. The only solution to prosperity for Romania is the right. It is a moment when we must leave our pride and see what is good for Romania. If we all came together, we would win for sure. If they don’t want to join us, we will still win! Because we will be on all the streets of Romania“, declared Elena Lasconi, immediately after finding out the result.

600 USR delegates voted for the members of the new National Bureau and the USR candidate in the presidential elections.

Three members of the party registered in the internal race for the nomination of the candidate for the presidential elections: Elena Lasconi, Dumitru Stanca, Octavian Berceanu.

During the Congress, Elena Lasconi said “Romania is not a poor country, but an impoverished country and”. She urged the members and sympathizers of the party she leads to continue what the Romanians started in 1989.

“Romania is not a poor country, Romania is an impoverished country. How long will we tolerate a Health system that allows us to give birth on the sidewalk in front of the hospital or that allows a woman to die in terrible pain, And, yes, we will not forget you Alexandra, about the case of Alexandra, the pregnant woman who was abandoned to die in agony in a hospital in Romania. How long will we tolerate an education system that keeps our children in school for the longest time in all of Europe, but makes them second in terms of functional illiteracy. Who cares the most? To learn texts by heart? How long will we tolerate giving them decision-making power in our lives to these politicians who only knew how to take more for them”, said Lasconi, at the opening of the extraordinary congress in which the members of the National Bureau and the party’s candidate for the presidential elections will be elected.

“The politicians who lead us today are afraid of us, they are afraid of the power of the people, that the many of us will unite and bring them down. The only ones who can change something are you, the Romanian people. We are the only ones who can decide how the history of our country will be written. We have the duty to do this because, simply, Romania deserves it, brothers, it deserves it. It will not be easy, it will be very difficult, it will be the hardest since USR exists, it will be the hardest this year. But look me in the eyes! Not as president, but as me. It’s me too, the same Elena that you know today or that you knew a year, two, three or 30 years ago. If you come with me, it won’t be easy, it will be the hardest. But we will win. We will win. Romania is our home. When a thief breaks into your house, you don’t leave the house, you kick him out. Romania can have a better future. We can have better salaries in Romania, a health system in which we can be treated and be treated with empathy and respect. We can have an education system in which our children can even be educated. We can do all of this. We can ensure a future for Romania”, Elena Lasconi also said.

Elena Lasconi, the mayor of Câmpulung, won the internal elections in USR for the position of party president, with 68% of the votes.

Elena Lasconi is 52 years old, she is an economist by profession, with a 25-year career in television. Since 2020, she is the USR mayor of the Câmpulung Muscel municipality, a position in which she was re-elected in 2024.