A different holiday, comparable in price to Turkish resorts, on board a yacht: “Perfect for families with children”

On Facebook social groups dedicated to travel, vacations, tourism in general, members often share their more or less positive experiences. As is the idea of ​​spending a vacation differently than the ones most of us are used to… more precisely on the water. And not on a cruise, on a luxury ship, but on a catamaran / vielier – the sailing yacht.

Sailboat photo via eMAG

The story of a Romanian family – “entrepreneurs” – attracted our attention both through the prism of the costs that such an adventure imposes, which do not seem huge if you compare them, for example, with a vacation in the luxury Turkish resorts, and through the freedom you can have through the multitude of experiences you can enjoy.

It is true, however, that such a vacation on the water is not within the reach of everyone, even in the case of reducing the costs to a minimum, but also in view of the fact that it is necessary for a member of the family / group to have experience in sailing, water sports or yachting, so that the rather expensive services of a professional are not needed. On board there are two places to sleep, a bedroom and a living room.

Instead, such water holidays are especially friendly and exciting for families with children too, claim those who enjoy such adventures.

The fact that you are not a performance swimmer or even do not know how to swim is no longer a limitation in such situations, as the sailboat comes with life jackets. The boats also come equipped with motorized boats, so you can visit any accessible beach.

So, there are pluses and minuses in such a water holiday, holiday with family or friends, which have been shared by those who have posted details about the experience accumulated over time, in the smallest details, to be a source of inspiration for all those interested in this kind of travel that has already become a phenomenon that has gained momentum worldwide.

What a sailing holiday means: “the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets”

The family that shared the story “vacation on the water” this is not the first adventure of this kind, as I said. In addition, it has a member with over 10 years of experience as a skipper, including in sailing competitions: “We thought it would be nice to share this with as many people as possible, whom we are waiting for, with us, as in a family, in a unique and unforgettable experience, even if only virtually”.

Therefore, the sailing holiday primarily involves accommodation for seven nights on the “floating hotel”, i.e. in the double en-suite cabin of the catamaran and sailing during the day, 2-4 hours/day, usually at lunch “when the sun is anyway too strong to sit at the beach, when you can sit on the boat, in the shade, with a book and a glass of something good, or you can admire the landscapes, you can rest, etc.”.

In addition, it also involves the possibility of going to a different place every day and staying overnight in a different port, but also: “Stops at the most beautiful beaches and coves, for swimming and snorkeling (some inaccessible from land); picnic on deserted beaches, at sunrise or sunset, the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, which can only be seen from the sea, the most beautiful landscapes, dolphins that often swim by the boat…, freedom, peace and total relaxation”.

“The vacation after which you don’t need another one”

In other words: “It’s the vacation after which you don’t need another, to rest; it’s the perfect holiday for families with children – when you get rid of carrying dozens of things to the beach, when you’re not stuck in the hotel room for the little ones’ midday nap, when you get rid of car rentals, looking for parking spaces and hellish traffic, when you get rid of looking for tours to visit something, queues and congestion at the ferry… You just sit back and relax, and the boat takes you from point A to point B”.

And if you add to these things the fact that the small or big ones “they are absolutely fascinated by the experience”and no one wants to go to the hotel anymore, and the parents – shocked that they can really enjoy their vacation too, you tend to think that perfection can be achieved on land, or rather on water.

Safety on the water in a catamaran

In addition, the safety component is also fulfilled, because: “It is very safe for children, a child / baby friendly experience”, and “chance to sink/capsize is zero”because there are no storms “like those in the movies”, which usually occur in the middle of the oceans.

And there are also life jackets on board, but for children under the age of eight it is advisable to purchase them in advance.

Besides, because “you walk coastally (along the coasts – ed.), you can always see land, so there is no panic of only seeing water around”.

And those who suffer from seasickness can turn to the multitude of remedies that now exist against this problem.

Where do you eat on vacation differently?

On board the catamaran there is also a living area with a kitchen – “furnished and equipped with everything you need: stove, oven, refrigerator, utensils and crockery”.

Those who are used to venturing in this way, shop on the first day, at the supermarket: “Most people prefer to eat on the boat for breakfast and lunch, and in the evening to go out to a terrace, a restaurant… and here, we have the best options, with low prices.”

The difference between a cruise on a large ship and a yacht

As comparisons are often made between vacationing on a cruise ship and this type of boat, the authors of the post also mentioned what the differences are, from their point of view: “On the catamaran you have peace, you have privacy; on the cruise ship it’s crowded, crazy, the atmosphere of an all-inclusive resort, “beating” on the sunbeds, you run after the children non-stop, praying you don’t lose sight of them, because it will be hard to find them in the rush of people. With the catamaran you go in small marinas, torn as if from a story, and you get the real local experience; with the cruise ship you go to the big ports and the areas “the most touristic». With the catamaran you don’t have fixed hours, you don’t keep your eyes on the clock all the time…”.

In addition, everything is shared on the yacht, including food and cleaning.

And if “cruise ship is like driving on the highway, stopping at one gas station at a time”, the sailboat gives you the feeling that “you would walk through streets with dreamy landscapes, admiring the beauty of nature, stopping at a local shop or restaurant, in areas where people smile at you every step of the way”.

Thus: “The authentic experience is not the one on the cruise ship. and yes, the lret (here, probably, with the sense of tolerance level of sailing – n.ed) is higher, but the experience is completely different. Having a small child, we are very open to the needs of families with small children who join us on trips…”.

Cons in the water holiday

As in the case of any experience, the vacation on the water also comes with some downsides, the authors of the story also shared: from the fact that the boat cannot be rented for more than a week, so lack of flexibility, to the limited space inside, the lack of the comfort of a hotel room, seasickness, or the fact that you can’t anchor anywhere, especially if there are waves.

“It’s smooth sailing and the relaxation areas on the boat are absolutely safe”the authors of the post also shared.

In addition, as I said, food and cleaning are done in the family, in common because “there is no housekeeper, cook, waiter”. The acquisition of specialist staff would entail commensurate costs, therefore “we’re running a hose on the deck, we’re washing a plate” they are assumed things.

Extra comfort on family vacations means extra costs

For those who want a different vacation, packed with more fun, there is the possibility to rent from the charter company, where the boat is taken, all kinds of water sports equipment: stand up paddles, sea scooters, snorkeling equipment… Some of them are already on the rented boats, but for maximum hygiene it is recommended to bring them from home.

From the swimming platform it is easy to enter the water, even for children, and there is also a ladder.

A hostess (host), a cook (chef), or any other staff comes with extra costs of 1,500-2,000 euros/each, plus they must be provided with accommodation.

And the motor-yacht version, which has from four cabins upwards, and a crew of over 10 people, we learn on this occasion that “starts at around 40,000 euros and can reach hundreds of thousands”.

How to get to the shore

If the harbors / marina are not entered, the beach can be reached either by swimming or by attached motorized boat: “The catamaran must be left at a depth of 2.5-3 meters of water, so the distance to the beach is small; who wants to, goes to the beach, who doesn’t, can swim next to the catamaran”. Everyone can enjoy splashing around, thanks to life jackets, for those who don’t know how to swim.

Costs of a sailing yacht holiday

The price for a catamaran / sailing yacht holiday on the water is comparable to that of a luxury Turkish resort, to which are added optional excursions, car rental, parking costs, etc., claim those who have shared their experience. Children staying in the cabin with their parents pay nothing. Two to three children (or probably one to two adults) can sleep in the living room at no additional cost.

So, the rental price is 1400 / 1500 euros/person, so a family with one child pays 3,000 euros, to which fuel is added – 150 – 180 euros, but “the boat is taken full, and on the last day it is left the same”. Marina mooring fees take you to around 400 – 450 euros/cabin for the whole week, but these rates also differ from one port / wharf / marina, depending on the period and the type of boat: “Plus it keeps changing from month to month.”

There is also a deposit for possible damages, of 1,000-1,500 euros/cabin, which is returned on the last day, considering that the price of a catamaran “reaches 1 million euros”.

To these costs is added the transport to and from boarding, which can be at your own expense or for a fee, as well as food.

Practically, without food and other pleasures, the costs for such a vacation exceed 5,000 euros/family for “seven nights on board, crew (skipper, co-skipper), transit log tax, comfort package tax, final cleaning tax, assistance and an itinerary thought out in detail for safety”, but also to mark the most special areas on the route.

Where you can go sailing

There is a long series of countries that can be reached by catamaran: Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, France including the Cote d’Azur, Turkey, Italy – all that means the Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, but also Spain – Tenerife and Mallorca -, as well as the more remote areas – British Virgin Islands, Martinique, Seychelles and why not Thailand: “Generally, anywhere there are boats for hire.”

In short, traveling by sailboat – sailing yacht can be an option for those who want a different vacation with their loved ones.