Feli Donose, fulminant comeback in the music world. The artist released a new song after a year's break

After a one-year hiatus, the singer Feli Donose returns to the stage with a new song, entitled “Ne iubim”. Just two weeks after its release, the song has already amassed nearly 400,000 views on the YouTube platform, winning the hearts of fans with its inviting beat and soulful lyrics.

Feli Donose, spectacular comeback in music PHOTO Archive

Feli Donose, 37, took a break from his music career last year, preferring to devote himself fully to his daughter. Guided by her producers and her mentor, Smiley, the artist decided to come back strong this year.

This year, after a year's break, I got active,” Feli told Ego magazine.

The producers are arguing with me, Smiley is “chasing” me, who is my mentor and my manager after all. He tells me that I have so much music to give.” added the artist.

Feli, break from music to embrace the role of mother

During his hiatus, Feli devoted himself exclusively to raising and educating his daughter, avoiding her exposure to technology.

I try to protect her as much as I can. I mean, I give him access to technology, but not too much. There were times when I would leave her the phone or let her watch cartoons, but when she had a cold at home and was bored. I could see that he was changing his behavior, he was taking it a little bit…And then I would say that it's worse that he's nicer”Feli told.

The artist has noticed the natural passions of her little one and optimistically speculates on her future. Feli believes that she will either be an actress or a manager.

The artist went through a painful separation

On a personal level, Feli Donose went through a separation from her daughter's father in December 2022. However, she has found a new balance and a new love in her life, sharing that she is very happy and fulfilled with his new partner.

He is a man who made me understand that love is not about “I got butterflies in my stomach”, revealed Feli in a radio show. “Love is settled. It's a job where I feel protected, understood and I feel like I feel when I'm alone”the singer confessed.