Florin Dumitrescu breaks the silence about “Chefs la Cuțite”: “I lost my right to be who I am” VIDEO

Florin Dumitrescu, one of the three famous chefs from the “Knife Chefs” team, decided to break his silence and publicly express his deep dissatisfaction, after leaving the culinary show that consecrated him.

Florin Dumitrescu PHOTO Archive

Together with his colleagues, Sorin Bontea and Cătălin Scarlătescu, Florin is involved in a conflict with Antena Group, the television trust that owns Antena 1, which sued them after they decided not to participate in the filming of the new season.

In a video posted on Instagram, Florin Dumitrescu confessed that he is facing two pending lawsuits and notifications from lawyers, and the uncertainty regarding the outcome is affecting his daily life.

There are many things to clarify and many aspects that I cannot clarify, moreover, without being accused of who knows what. And in the conditions in which we are now, in the conditions in which I am now with the lawsuit pending, with threats from lawyers – I don't think I can even call them threats: with the notices that I receive from the lawyers of the former trust with which we collaborated… Yes, the story is sensitive. I don't know how to connect all the negative press articles lately and all the TikTok accounts that divorce me from my family and all kinds of personal issues that aren't even real, for that matter, with the situation where we are”, he says.

The former juror of the show also conveyed that he feels that his freedom to be himself has been suppressed, as the confidentiality of the signed contract limits his ability to speak openly about the situation.

I mean, I don't even know: am I allowed or am I not allowed to make this video, post it, make it public? It seems like it's in a super gray area. I, as a public or private person, it doesn't matter, I as a person lost my right to free expression, I lost my right to be who I am, I lost all my possible rights, just because I signed a contract.“,
it is part of his message.

Florin Dumitrescu also revealed that, throughout the nine years spent in the show, he made certain compromises and sacrifices, and the conflict with his old workplace left a bitter taste. The chef confessed that his only hope is in (…)

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