Florin Piersic underwent emergency surgery. How does the great actor feel?

The actor Florin Piersic, aged 88, was operated on at the Military Hospital in Cluj-Napoca, after his health worsened after a performance.

Florin Piersic Personal archive

Florin Piersic underwent emergency surgery on Monday at the Military Hospital in Cluj-Napoca, after the end of a show according to foiatransilvana.ro.

According to the information, it was about an infection at the level of one of the knees. The intervention was carried out by the orthopedic doctor Claudiu Chitea, the actor being hospitalized in the Orthopedic Department.

Florin Piersic, aged 88, had his last performance on April 6, 2023. Then he played the play “Străini în noapte” on the stage of the Radu Stanca Theater in Sibiu.

Among his memorable roles are the one in the TV series “Un august în flăcări”, that of the titular outlaw in “Pintea” and the one in the romantic comedy “Eu, tu și Ovidiu”, directed by Geo Saizescu. The third glorious moment is that of the 80s, when he plays the Pashopist vigilante Mărgelatu in six films, a series started with “The Road of Bones” (1980), first directed by Doru Năstase (three films), then, after his disappearance , of Gheorghe Vitanidis and Mircea Moldovan.

After the Revolution, he appeared in only three productions: “Donau, Duna, Dunaj, Dunav, Dunărea” (2003), “Fix Alert” (2005) and “Eminescu versus Eminem” (2005), the last two directed by his son, Florin Piersic jr.

In 2009 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Transilvania Film Festival.