“From the time of Tudor”, new book by Radu Oltean. When it appears in bookstores

From Tudor times by Radu Oltean, the book of the month of April at the Humanitas Publishing House, is available for pre-orders with the author's autograph on the websites Libhumanitas, Libris, Emag, Cărturesți, Librărie.net, Diverta. Delivery starts on April 8th.

The history of the events that culminated in the revolutions of 1821 is tangled, winding, woven from the deeds of hundreds of characters of all kinds. Radu Oltean manages to say it meaningfully, in words and in lively images. As he has accustomed us over the years, his visual reconstructions are based, down to the last detail, on the painstaking study of historical research and sources: texts, artifacts, period iconography. From all this, we develop the film of some wild picturesque times, a Balkan western in which every scene holds our hearts in our mouths. You can read a few pages on humanitas.ro.