Dinamo was in advantage for only 2 minutes

Dinamo Bucharest was held in check by FC Voluntari, 1-1 (1-1), on Friday evening, at the Arcul de Triumf Stadium in the capital, in a match from the 7th stage of the play-out phase of the Superleague football.

Photo: sportpictures.eu

Dinamo, who controlled the game from one end to the other, managed to open the scoring through the French Eddy Gnahore (35), with a volley shot, deflected by Igor Armaş. Ilfoven immediately equalized, through the Argentinian Juan Cascini (37), left unmarked by Vadim Raţă's cross. Dinamo created few goalscoring opportunities in the second half, the Kosovar Astrit Selmani being blocked in extremis by the goalkeeper Jesus Fernandez (74), while Dani Iglesias (81) shot at the far corner, a little off.

The guests had the better chances, but Nicolae Carnat (82) sent a shot into the crossbar from 25 meters, and Daniel Florea restarted near the goal (90+6) from the edge of the small box, in the last phase of the match.

The referee Radu Petrescu dictated a penalty for Dinamo in min. 53, for a handball in the box at Radu Boboc, but returned to the decision after watching the video replays.

Dinamo remains with only one victory in the play-out, three draws and three failures.

FC Voluntari has three draws and one failure in the last four stages.

Dinamo won both direct matches in the regular season, 3-2 away and 1-0 at home. Until the end of the season, Dinamo still has to play Cluj University (away) and UTA Arad (home), and FC Voluntari with FC Botoşani (away) and Cluj University (home).

Dinamo Bucharest – FC Voluntari 1-1 (1-1), Arcul de Triumf Stadium – Bucharest Scored: Eddy Gnahore (35), respectively Juan Cascini (37). Referee: Radu Petrescu (Bucharest); assistant referees: Radu Adrian Ghinguleac (Bucharest), Romică Bîrdeş (Pitesti); fourth official: Robert Avram (Pitesti) Video referee: Sebastian Colţescu (Bucharest); video assistant referee: Mihăiță Necula (Bucharest)

Observers: Cristina Babadac (Reşita) – CCA, Ion Marin (Bucharest) – LPF