High-level Romanian-Turkish talks. The Vice President of the Republic of Turkey, Cevdet Yilmaz is on an official visit to Romania

President Klaus Iohannis received, on Friday, the Vice-President of the Republic of Turkey, Cevdet Yilmaz, who is on an official visit to Romania, in the context of which the two discussed the situation in the Middle East, informs the Presidential Administration.

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According to a statement sent to AGERPRES, the President of Romania expressed, on the occasion of the meeting, his appreciation for the substance and dynamics of the bilateral political-diplomatic dialogue, focused on the continuous development of the Romania-Turkey Strategic Partnership, on all its levels, including through the initiative of launching the Strategic Cooperation Council at the High Level between the two countries, which will develop the format of the joint government meetings and within which the key priorities in the strategic areas of common interest will be established.

Klaus Iohannis and the Vice President of Turkey welcomed “excellent level of economic cooperation“, Turkey being the main commercial partner of our country outside the European Union and the first extra-EU destination of Romanian exports. The head of the Romanian state further encouraged Turkish investments and showed that the opportunities offered by the Romanian market can contribute to reaching the potential fully on this level.

In terms of security cooperation, Klaus Iohannis expressed appreciation for Turkey's contribution to strengthening the allied defense and deterrence posture on NATO's Eastern Flank and the Black Sea, including by participating in Reinforced Air Police missions on Romanian territory.

Also, the President of Romania welcomed the good functioning of the Naval Demining Group in the Black Sea Romania – Turkey – Bulgaria, an initiative that represents a model of effective cooperation in the Black Sea region and between the allied riparian states.

Iohannis and the Vice President of Turkey had an exchange of views on the main developments of interest on the NATO agenda and at the international level, as well as on the preparation of the results of the NATO Anniversary Summit in Washington.

Regarding the worrying situation in the Middle East, Klaus Iohannis emphasized that “the escalation of violence must be avoided, and the effective coordination of international efforts is necessary in order to advance towards a sustainable peace in the region, when the conditions will allow it“.

The President of Romania reaffirmed our country's support for the consolidation of EU-Turkey cooperation and welcomed the efforts that Turkey undertakes to host a large number of refugees, expressing support for the continuation of cooperation in the matter between the EU and Turkey, the Presidential Administration also states.