General culture test: “Let's never forget to love roses”

See how informed you are with the help of these 27 questions, classified by several fields of interest, in a unique general culture test.

Roses, symbol of love. PHOTO: Unsplash

1 Who sings the song “Let's Love the Roses”?

a. Holograph.

b. Aurelian Andreescu.

v. Florin Bogardo.

2 What is a cameo?

a. a painting.

b. a small sculpture in a precious stone.

c. a dish.

3 Who is the only president of the USA to be elected four times?

a. John F. Kennedy.

b. George Bush.

v. Franklin Roosevelt.

4 Which planet has the strongest magnetic field?

a. Jupiter.

b. Earth.

c. Mars.

5 Who wrote “The Name of the Tradafir”?

a. Harper Lee.

b. Umberto Ecco.

v. Ben Okri.

6 In which city is the Taj Mahal?

a. Abu Dhabi.

b. Agra.

v. New Delhi.

7 What was the Jacobin Club, famous during the French Revolution?

a. a social group.

b. a political group.

c. a musical group.

8 Who is the god of earthquakes in Greek mythology?

a. Hades.

b. Artemis.

c. Poseidon.

9 Who was the first director of the Museum of the Romanian Peasant?

a. Horia Bernea.

b. Nicolae Iorga.

c. Dimitrie Gusti.

10 Which of the following is an Indian god?

a. Hanuman.

b. Buddha.

v. Mohammed.

11 The first monkey in space was named Albert II. What kind of monkey was it?

a. Saimiri squirrel monkey.

b. Capuchin monkey.

c. Rhesus monkey.

12 Which actor portrayed Caligula in the 1979 film of the same name?

a. Malcolm McDowell.

b. Richard Burton.

c. Johnny Depp.

13 How many oceans are there on the globe?

a. Seven.

b. Five.

c. Four.

14 Who was Antonio Salazar (1889-1970)?

a. A president who imposed the dictatorial regime in Portugal.

good actor.

c. A doctor.

15 Which fashion designer invented the mini skirt?

a. Mary Quant.

b. Louis Vuitton.

v. Valentino.

16 What is the official currency of Australia?

a. The shilling.

b. Australian dollar.

c. Australian pound.

17 With which deity is the tradafir associated in Ancient Greece?

a. Athens.

b. Hera.

c. Aphrodite.

18 Who was the Ottoman sultan who besieged Vienna in 1529?

a. Suleiman the Magnificent.

b. Bayazid the Lightning.

v. Mohammed II.

19 In which country was the boomerang invented?

a. Canada.

b. Australia.

v. Moldova.

20 What is the most important epic in Indian history?

a. Mahābhārata.

b. Ramayana.

c. Torah.

21 Between which countries did the 100 Years War take place?

a. England and France.

b. Germany and France.

c. Great Britain and Germany.

22 Who sings the song “Can I Call You Rose?”

a. AC/DC.

b. Thee Sacred Souls.

c. Dayglow.

23 What is the reason why the ostrich sticks its head in the sand?

a. Look for earthworms to eat.

b. Performs a mating ritual.

c. He gets scared and tries to hide.

24 What do dolphins breathe through?

a. Lungs.

b. Skin.

c. Gills.

25 Which colony, whose empress was crowned Queen Victoria, was called the “Pearl of the Crown”?

a. India.

b. South Africa.

v. Jamaica.

26 Which scientist is considered the founder of medical chemistry?

a. Marie Curie.

b. Philippus Paracelsus.

v. Robert Boyle.

27 How many humps does a dromedary have?


b. Three.

c. One.

The correct answers:

1. v. Florin Bogardo.

2. b. A small carving in a precious stone.

3. v. Franklin Roosevelt.

4. a. Jupiter.

5. b. Umberto Ecco.

6. b. Agra.

7. b. A political group.

8. v. Poseidon.

9. a. Horia Bernea.

10. a. Hanuman

11. c. Rhesus monkey.

12. a. Malcolm McDowell.

13. b. Five.

14. a. A president who imposed the dictatorial regime in Portugal.

15. a. Mary Quant.

16. b. The Australian dollar.

17. v. Aphrodite.

18. a. Suleiman the Magnificent.

19. b. Australia.

20. a. Mahābhārata.

21. a. England and France.

22. b. Thee Sacred Souls.

23. c. He gets scared and tries to hide.

24. a. Lungs.

25. a. India.

26. b. Philippus Paracelsus.

27. c. One.