General Knowledge Test: In the name of the shogun

See how informed you are with the help of these 27 questions, classified by several fields of interest, in a unique general culture test.

The series Shogun can be watched on Disney+

1 Who wrote the novel “Shōgun”?

a. James Clavell

b. Charles Dickens

v. Haruki Murakami

2 How many sides does a hexagon have?

a. eight

b. six

c. four

3 Which painter is one of the founders of UNARTE?

a. Stefan Luchian

b. Theodor Aman

c. Nicolae Grigorescu

4 What is the name of the port of the city of Athens?

a. Rotterdam

b. Piraeus

c. Thessaloniki

5 Which country is also called “Land of the Rising Sun”?

a. Japan

b. China

v. Russia

6 What was the last Moorish territory in Spain, conquered in 1492?

a. Madrid

b. Barcelona

v. Granada

7 What year did Disney+ launch the “Shōgun” series?

a. 2022

b. 2004

c. 2024

8 Who killed Abel?

a. Adam

b. Cain

c. Eve

9 How many pairs of ribs does a human have?

a. 10

b. 12

c. 6

10 What is the most malleable metal?

a. iron

b. the silver

c. the gold

11 What flower name bears the yoga meditation position?

a. Lotus

b. Rose

c. Bamboo

12 What is the color of sapphire?

a. red

b. green

blue c

13 What did a Shōgun mean?

a. the official title of Japan's national military leader

b. the official title of Japan's national spiritual leader

c. the official title of the national treasurer of Japan

14 What was the name of Portugal's currency?

a. escudo

b. dollar

c. pesos

15 What color is Merlot wine?

a. white

b. roses

c. red

16 What is the northernmost American state?

a. Alaska

b. Colorado

v. New York

17 Which city was called Callatis in antiquity?

a. Constanta

b. Mangalia

c. Euphoria

18 At what age did George Enescu give his first concert?

a. 15 years

b. 10 years

c. 5 years

19 Which Greek philosopher died drinking hemlock?

a. Socrates

b. Aristotle

v. Plato

20 Who directed the movie “Braveheart”?

a. Martin Scorsese

b. Quentin Tarantino

v. Mel Gibson

21 How many lines does a portable have?

a. six

b. five

c. four

22 What was the period in Japan's feudal history dominated by wars between states called?

a. Sengoku

b. Meiji

v. Edo

23 On the territory of which state are the ruins of ancient Babylon?

a. Iraq

b. Libya

v. Iran

24 In what year was George Enescu born?

in 1883

b. 1881

c. 1885

25 Who is the most famous Shōgun in Japanese history who inspired the character Yoshii Toranaga?

a. Oda Nobunaga

b. Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

v. Tokugawa Ieyasu

26 How many kilometers can an ostrich fly?

a. two

b. five

c. the ostrich does not fly

27 Who is the most famous student of George Enescu?

a. Sergiu Celibidache


c. Yehudi Menuhin

The correct answers:

1. a. James Clavell

2. b. six

3. b. Theodor Aman

4. b. Piraeus

5. a. Japan

6. v. Granada

7. c. 2024

8. b. Cain

9. b. 12

10. c. gold

11. a. Lotus

12. c. blue

13. a. the official title of Japan's national military leader

14 a. escudo

15. c. red

16. a. Alaska

17. b. Mangalia

18. c. 5 years

19. a. Socrates

20. v. Mel Gibson

21. b. five

22. a. Sengoku

23 BC Iraq

24 b. 1881

25 v. Tokugawa Ieyasu

26. c. the ostrich does not fly

27. v. Yehudi Menuhin