Dinu Săraru died. The writer and theater man was 92 years old

The writer Dinu Săraru died on Saturday afternoon, at the Bucharest University Hospital, at the age of 92, Antena 3 television station informs.

According to the quoted source, with Dinu Săraru were, in the last moments, his wife, Viviana, and daughters Ruxandra and Alexandra.

“Dinu Săraru died! Behind this window (the house of the man of culture – no) I listened to thousands of stories. Dinu Săraru, the one who told me, died a quarter of an hour ago!“, the writer Ştefan Mitroi also announced on Facebook.

Maria Ţoghină, a radio personality and a close relative of the Săraru family, said that “a titan of national culture has left us”.

“A titan of national culture has left us! We have lost a special man, whom I cherished and whose friendship honored me! You remain in my soul, master”, wrote Maria Ţoghină on Facebook

Dinu Săraru, screenwriter, writer, publicist, theater man, was born on January 30, 1932, in Râmnicu Vâlcea.

Dinu Săraru entered the media 74 years ago, on November 13, 1950, at Radio Romania. He established himself as a theater chronicler for three decades on the Radio and in the print media, his interventions being editorially anthologized in two books “Romanian Theater and Contemporary Performers” and “The 3rd Gong”. He debuted in prose in “Gazeta literară” with a short story in 1963, then editorially in 1974 with the novel “Niște țărani”, inaugurating the “Peasant Trilogy” (“Niște țărani”, “Irba vântului”, “Crimea for the Earth”).

In 1976, he published the novel “Clipa” transposed to the screen under the same title. The novel prefaces the “Love and Revolution” Trilogy (“Red Autumn”, “Those who pay with life”, Hope”).

In 2002 he published the novel “Ciocoii noi cu bodyguard” after which the movie “Scoundrels” was made, then in 2011 the novel “The Last Ball at the Red Snake”.

After the novels written by Dinu Săraru, four films and four plays were made.

The show after “Some Peasants” – written and directed by Cătălina Buzoianu – was played for nine years with closed houses at Teatrul Mic and in national theaters in Timișoara, Cluj and Iași. He created the “National Television Theatre”, led the Little Theater for 13 years and created the Very Small Theatre, both considered “an oasis of courage and freedom” during the years of the dictatorship.

Săraru was general director of the ILCaragiale National Theater between 2000-2004 and created the National Theater Museum.

He worked at the “Luceafărul” magazine as general editor, at “Scînteia Tineretului”, at Radio – Television as the director of the Cultural Directorate.

Dinu Săraru created the magazines “Noi” and “Clipa” – edition I, 1992, he was the general director of the daily “Universul Romanianesc”, he created the magazine “Renaissance of Romanian rural civilization”, he created the National Foundation for Rural Civilization “Niște țărani” , the first International Eco-Ethno-Folk Film Festival, the “D.Gusti” Ţăraneasca University and the first sociological research teams after the war.

Dinu Săraru was awarded numerous literary and artistic prizes and the prize of the Romanian Academy. He was a member of the Academy of Romanian Scientists and founding director of the “Magazine of Romanian Cultural Current Affairs CLIPA”, a magazine crowned with “Cultural Distinction” by the Romanian Academy.

Dinu Săraru was a blogger on the Adevarul.ro platform, where he published every Friday morning. His latest text for Adevărul, published on Friday, March 1, is “False diary of yesterday and today. Chronicle of the Salters II”.