The coach of Cluj University, blackmailed with 25,000 euros for a clip with his daughter

Ioan Ovidiu Sabău was blackmailed with 25,000 euros by a man who was in possession of a clip in which the technician's daughter appears.

Ioan Ovidiu Sabău, coach of Cluj University

The coach from Cluj University, Ioan Ovidiu Sabău, handed over to the law a man who was blackmailing him with 25,000 euros for a clip in which the technician's daughter appears.

The man was recently sentenced to a three-year suspended prison sentence. The clip dates from 2019, when the former footballer's daughter decided to renounce her father's religion, which is part of Jehovah's Witnesses.

The girl would then have recorded a clip in which she would have presented some of the negative aspects of this cult, a video that ended up, it is not known through what circumstances, in the hands of the blackmailer.

In February 2023, the man followed Sabău home and the next day asked him to buy a plot of land worth 25,000 euros, offering verbal guarantees that he would not publish that video.

Sabău decided to go to the Court and won his case. The man was sentenced to 3 years in prison with suspension, writes

“From the content of the injured person's statement, it follows the manner in which he was approached by the defendant, the date on which he contacted him and the requests to not make certain compromising video images public.

The compromising nature of the images and videos that the defendant possessed and to which the injured person referred also emerges from the minutes of the playback of the telephone conversation between the injured person and the witness… From the contents of the playback minutes it follows that the images and audio recordings referred to by the defendant are related both to the religion of the injured person and to the relationship between the witness and her cousin”it is stated in the decision of the court in Cluj.