Geoana, on the possibility of Iohannis being elected head of NATO: We want to reach a consensus regarding Stoltenberg's successor

Mircea Geoană, the deputy general secretary of NATO, stated, on Friday, regarding the chances of President Klaus Iohannis to become the head of NATO, that the decision will be taken exclusively by the member states, and that he wants just to “reach a consensus” regarding the successor of the Secretary General, the Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg.

Mircea Geoana, on the chances of Klaus Iohannis to become the head of NATO Photo: EPA-EFE

It is probably the only topic that the Secretary General and I, the NATO leadership, do not deal with. It's a job exclusively related to allies. We want only one thing, to reach a consensus on Stoltenberg's successor as soon as possible and to go to the summit in Washington united and focused on the things we have to do.” said Mircea Geoană, for PRO TV, after being asked what chances he thinks President Klaus Iohannis has to become the head of NATO.

The Deputy Secretary General of NATO said that the decision for the election of the Secretary General is made by consensus.

It is a consensus decision. Indeed, the comments above are correct. There are obviously mechanisms for more discreet consultation, generally between allies. A number of important allies, including Germany, have come out in one direction. But once again, for us it is less important who will be the successor, but that we can find consensus around this candidacy. I am absolutely convinced that in due course we will have a consensus in the Alliance. There are many other things that await us in Washington. And once again, we don't choose our successors, and that's probably quite a positive thing.” Geoana explained.

Mircea Geoană stated that today, which marks two years since the start of the war in Ukraine, is “a black day in the history of Europe”.

It reminds us that what happened 2 years ago yesterday is a black day in the history of Europe. It is a terrible war, so much loss of human life, destruction. Russia in addition to what we see every night on the news, they also use sexual assault as…, they deported many Ukrainian children. There is a lot of pain and tragedy,” stated Geoana.

Romania would have officially announced to the allies that it is proposing Klaus Iohannis for the leadership of NATO, according to a post on the X platform by a US correspondent. The information is also supported by government sources cited by G4Media. The Government spokesman, however, refused to comment on the subject in a press conference.

Mihai Tudose, former prime minister and current vice-president of the PSD, claims that it would be “honouring” for our country if President Klaus Iohannis were to become the head of NATO, and there is no question that his party and the Government would not support such an approach.

And the PNL spokesperson, Ionuț Stroe, explained to “Adevărul” that it would be an honor for Romania to have a representative at the level of the highest position in NATO.

Moreover, President Klaus Iohannis will participate, on Monday in Paris, in the first meeting with NATO leaders, in the context of the discussions about the new head of the Alliance.