Geoana, two years after the Russian invasion of Ukraine: The citizens of the state pay a high price, but they continue to fight, and NATO is determined to support them

NATO's Deputy Secretary General reaffirmed NATO's confidence and support in Ukraine, pointing out that two years after the Russian invasion of the country, Ukraine continues to fight at a heavy price for its people.

The NATO deputy stressed confidence in the Ukrainian state PHOTO EPA EFE

According to the Deputy Secretary General of NATO, since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine “the biggest gain is that Ukraine remains a proud, sovereign and independent nation“.

At the same time, the deputy secretary of NATO emphasized during the ceremony marking two years since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, that “citizens of Ukraine pay a high price”showing that every day the people left in the country are dealing with Russian attacks as well as other acts of violence.

“But Ukraine fights on, determined to triumph and NATO is determined to support it”Mircea Geoană also emphasized.

The Deputy Secretary General of the Alliance explained the aid offered to the state invaded by the Russian Federation, showing that in this way “we bring Ukraine closer to NATO, where it belongs”.

Reporting on the establishment of the NATO-Ukraine Council, Mircea Geoană also emphasized: “all allies agree that Ukraine will become a member of our great alliance. Because we share common values ​​and a common interest in ensuring that Ukraine remains independent, sovereign and able to choose its own path freely.”.

“Putin thought he could dictate Ukraine's future. The Ukrainian state has made it clear that it will make this choice, and this choice is freedom, independence, a future as part of our Euro-Atlantic family,” Micea Geoană also said.

“I believe in Ukraine, I believe in NATO, and I believe that together we can ensure a safer future for all of us and for the people of Ukraine“, added the Deputy Secretary General of NATO.