“Romanians have talent” 2024. Dragoș Bucur offered the Golden Buzz: “I'm speechless!” VIDEO

Romanians have talent, a surprising show full of special moments, where real stories are written because every competitor who goes on stage knows that victory can change his fate, some come especially to get the famous Golden Buzz.

The 14th season of “Romanians have talent” begins. PHOTO: Facebook “Romanians have talent”

Lae Dreghici and the moment that will go down in the history of Tomânia have talent! The stuntman who received the Golden Buzz from Dragoș Bucur are Lae is 72 years old and was born in the village of Oarda de Sus, in a family of simple people, with a house covered with straw.

Lae Dreghici met in Bucharest with Szobi Cseh, the greatest Romanian stuntman of all time, who introduced him to the world of film. Lae starred in many Romanian and foreign films and dubbed for the great actors of Romania, writes PRO TV.

Everyone was shocked by Lae's performance.

Andi Moisescu: “I am speechless!“;

Andra: “You are not sane, but you brought us I think the most phenomenal moment…“;

Mihai Bobonete:I am speechless…“;

“It's the number I've felt the most intensely, and I don't think I'll feel so intensely again on this show.”said Dragoș Bucur, who rewarded the stuntman with a Golden Buzz.

Mihai Bobonete:We all wanted to give Golden Buzz!“.

Adriana Zarzu impressed the entire audience and the members of the Romanian jury have talent with her incredible voice!

Vlad Toma and Cristian Vasile brought the audience and the judges to their feet with the rhythm and sensation conveyed by their drums.