Gheboasa, the first statement after being raised by DIICOT. “All news is fake.” How to defend the trapper VIDEO

Trapper Gheboasă, whose real name is Gabriel Emil Gavriș, was questioned on Friday by DIICOT prosecutors and detained in a drug trafficking case. The artist maintains that he is innocent and that all the accusations against him are false.

Gheboasa is free again PHOTO Instagram

The event took place on Timișoara Boulevard in Bucharest, where Gheboasă was caught while allegedly buying cannabis from drug dealers. Sources close to the case state that they would have supplied prohibited substances, especially to students, and the price of one dose would have been 50 lei.

Gheboasa, free again

After being let go, the trapper had his first public reaction, posting a video on the Instagram platform in which he expresses his innocence and thanks for the support.

“My brothers, I want you to know that I am well, I am healthy, I am free. All the news you have seen so far is fake. I was charged with possession for consumption. During the search on March 1, at my home, absolutely nothing was found, and for possession for consumption, in Romania, the law punishes you with a criminal fine”Gheboasa said in the video clip.

The artist categorically denied his involvement in drug trafficking and emphasized that no minors are involved in this case. He also stated that he is just a “mere ex-consumer”.

The clip posted on Instagram gathered thousands of likes in just a few minutes. While some fans left him messages of support, others immediately attacked him, accusing him of lying.

“That's how I want you ghebbe be strong❤️😂👏”someone wrote.

“Cousin doesn't even believe you”is another comment.

“You criminal liar, how can you lie to so many people, your fans, the shame of music…”another netizen commented.