Why the sovereign pole of GOLD is falling apart. Allegations for George Simion

The sovereignist pole constituted by AUR is falling apart day by day, the alliance remaining with only two parties. The last separation from AUR is the party led by Radu Ghidău, the National Peasant Alliance (ANȚ). The band accuses George Simion of “totalitarian tendencies and a dictatorial leadership style“. Similar accusations came from Ilan Laufer, leader of the National Identity Force, who recently announced that he was leaving the alliance created by AUR.

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“The contempt and humiliation, difficult to express in words, with which George Simion treats his closest collaborators leads to the destruction of this political project and will lead to the destruction of the AUR Party“, Laufer said.

The sovereignist pole thus remains with AUR and the Republican Party led by Marian Cucșa, who was part of the party leader's delegation in his recent trip to the USA, at the Conservative Leaders' Conference. Cucșa was an ALDE parliamentarian in the 2016-2020 legislature and head of ALDE Timiș, launching the Republican Party in 2023.

“Spring cleaning”

AUR's reply came through the intervention of deputy Dan Tănasă, who accused the intelligence services of infiltrating the party, with reference to Ilan Laufer.

“They will probably appear in the coming days and say about AUR that other phantasmagorias are not taken into account,” the parliamentarian added, arguing that the political formation has started “spring cleaning”announced by George Simion as early as March 1.

The head of AUR said then that the party “not only starts the campaign to collect signatures to support the party's list of candidates for the European Parliament elections, but also initiates a final general cleaning” before the elections.

Alliance parties, “quasi-non-existent”

Political analyst Valeriu Turcan explained to “Adevărul” that the disintegration of the sovereignist pole will not affect the AUR in the elections, but draws attention that the formation does not present real solutions to the problems of the population.

“Let's not delude ourselves. No one knew, anyway, that there was this alliance between AUR and the respective parties”, the analyst pointed out, drawing attention to the fact that the problem of the AUR party is different. “AUR is a parliamentary party and only those from AUR appear in opinion polls. AUR will lose especially if it fails to prove in a timely manner that it has relevant solutions to the problems faced by citizens: high food prices, the quality of health services, the quality of education and the conditions in schools and kindergartens. The AUR transmits a certain political aggressiveness in relation to the governing coalition, but even now it does not manage to fix two or three public policy themes or solutions for the people's problems. This is the main problem of AUR, not the fact that it is separating from some quasi-non-existent formations”Valeriu Turcan also explained.