Gigi Becali got angry at the village again. He goes “to the mountains and caves” and leaves the team of his girls

A year after he announced that he was quitting football, Gigi Becali had a similar statement, a sign that the hard defeat against Rapid, 0-4, affected him a lot. The financier says again that he is giving up the team and that he is leaving the inheritance to Theodora, his eldest daughter.

Gigi Becali wants to get rid of FCSB again. Capture TV

“I don't give statements anymore. What do I gain? For what? I mind my own business. If God brings victory… Lent also comes and anyway you won't find me anymore, because I go to caves and mountains. I want to mind my own business. What do I gain? I'm losing my soul. I want to give the girls team, but none of them want it. Maybe I'll give it to the big girl, give her the shares. They don't want it, because then the press comes after them. And they don't like it. Maybe I'll give the big girl the shares. Or maybe the son-in-law… He's good, he doesn't really like it…

But if he is, he will give statements. That in my family the women don't give statements, only the men. Now I'm going to be discriminated againstthat why do they say that men give statements”Gigi Becali said today.

The championship, for God's sake

The FCSB boss also spoke about the fight for the title, considering that FCSB will win the championship only if God wills it. “It's four points difference, and that means a lot. But now the Lord must will. We'll see. I do not know. I don't want to say what I think anymore, after that I say I'm smart again. I want the Lord to decide. It will be a three way battle. But I don't want to say that I believe, that after that I'll take it for granted again.

Four points means a lot. After their first misstep, it's done! They play each other at first. And it helps our schedule. We play the stronger matches at home in the first half. It's a good program for us. But it's important that God wills, and so far he's kind of pointed towards me”, Becali also said.

FCSB entered the play-offs first, with a 4-point lead over Rapid, the team in 2nd place. The upset of the financier of the red-blues comes after, one stage before the end of the regular season, he was 12 “lengths” in front to Giulești and he was already a champion.