Gorghiu: Populism, the lack of projects and solutions will not have the votes they hope to have on June 9

The Minister of Justice, Alina Gorghiu, emphasized that the PNL contributed to the process by which Romania reached the Schengen area, showing that efforts will be continued for the full accession of the country. In the context of the June 9 elections, the minister stated that they will show the fact that Romania is a “wise people”, which knows “that the seduction of extremism is a dangerous one”.

The minister launched an attack on AUR FOTO Inquam Photos

“Starting on March 31, Romania will be brought into the Schengen Area with air and sea borders. This TNL event, in which we explain Romania's advantages in the EU, comes exactly at the right time. Europe will be even closer to us, Romania will be even more European. A big boon for our economy and a simplification of life for many of us. Romania is very well prepared for this moment. Romania was very well prepared long before for this moment. As you know, PNL contributed to this process”said Alina Gorghiu during a TNL event.

The minister also showed that several countries, including Austria, have joined the European free movement area in stages. “We would have liked the accession to the Schengen Area to take place with all borders simultaneously. But many countries so far, even Austria, have joined in stages. The organization of the PPE Congress in Bucharest was a very important moment, at that Congress, the PNL managed to include in the PPE manifesto from Bucharest an explicit commitment that Romania's full accession be achieved as quickly as possible“, explained Gorghiu.

“After these elections, it will be found that we are a wise people, a smart generation. We know that the seduction of extremism is a dangerous one. Populism, the lack of projects and solutions will not have the votes they hope to have on June 9. It can be seen with the naked eye that parties like AUR do not have people to stand up to. These parties do not have projects for local communities. All the country projects of modern Romania bear the stamp of the PNL. Since January 1990, since the resumption of PNL activity, we, those from PNL, have been the ones who supported Romania's European path”Gorghiu also claimed.