Hit under the belt for Antena 1: Who will present the new season of MasterChef Romania

Just a few days after losing an important lawsuit against the beloved chef Sorin Bontea, Antena Group, the owner of Antena 1, received another blow. Although she retired from the limelight for a while, Gina Pistol will be the one to present the 9th season of MasterChef Romania.

The unexpected announcement was made on Monday, July 1. Photo: Pro TV (Archive)

The unexpected announcement was made on Monday, July 1, in an Instagram post: “Gina Pistol presents MasterChef Romania season 9! Today we started filming for the most loved cooking show in Romania”.

For me, MasterChef is a challenge that I think has come at the best time. If in 2013 I was in the position of MasterChef competitor, where I felt what it means to cook under the pressure of tests, now, after more than 10 years, I enter the role of host of the show. I am ready to share all the joys with the competitors, to discover beautiful and interesting people, but also to experience the emotions that will fill the filming set”said Gina Pistol, former presenter of the “Chefi la cutite” show, according to Paginademedia.ro.

“The farewell with the 3 chefs (ed. Florin Dumitrescu, Sorin Bontea and Cătălin Scărlătescu) it was exactly as I expected: like a reunion with dear friends – emotional, full of joy and with plans and hopes for what’s to come. And believe me, there will be many evenings full of pure entertainment, smiles, life stories and absolutely fascinating characters“, added Gina Pistol.

We remind you that Antena Group, the owner of Antena 1, lost an important lawsuit against Sorin Bontea on Wednesday, June 26, and must also pay 25,000 lei in court costs.

After the show “Chefi la Cuțite” broke up with its three jurors: Florin Dumitrescu, Sorin Bontea and Cătălin Scarlătescu, Antena Group decided to bring before the court those with whom it worked for seven years.

A series of lawsuits were filed, including the one against Sorin Bontea. Specifically, in the case we are talking about a presidential order by which Antena intended to prevent the appearance of the chef in the MasterChef show broadcast on Pro TV.