How a phone can tell you that your partner is unfaithful. The signs that make you think

Relationships based on trust are crucial, and a partner’s phone can sometimes expose the wrongdoer. Even though the iOS 18 update brings new security features like blocking apps with “Face ID,” here are some hints from the tech world that might make you think.

The phone can be a source of infidelity when the partner is careless. PHOTO shutterstock

Indispensable near the phone

Is your partner always glued to their phone or computer? It may be a busy time at work or important conversations, but pay attention to the behavior. People often protect their privacy online, but they shouldn’t hide their phone from their partner. The same goes for quickly switching tabs on the browser or turning off the tablet.

Secrets in the pocket

If the phone is always in the partner’s pocket, he changes the password regularly and he “forgets” to tell you, even if you agreed that way, it’s a red signal. Another red alert is disabled notifications, a reason to hide online activity from prying eyes.

Other signs that your partner may be engaged in another relationship

Cheaters keep their browser search history “clean” at all times. If they routinely access dating sites, secret email accounts, or whatever, they’ll probably think about covering their tracks. The same goes for empty text message folders.

Location history is also extremely important. Regardless of the program the phones are running, there is the ability to access the history of locations where a person has been.

Deleted digital items usually don’t disappear entirely. A computer’s Recycle Bin or Recycle Bin holds items until the bin is emptied. So are some cloud services. Deleted emails accumulate in the trash until they are also emptied.